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Essays on Monotheistic religions

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Sultan Mehmed Al-Fateh

Abrahamic religions

Comparative religion




Monotheistic religions


Words: 994 (4 pages)

Word of the Prophet while digging trenches in the battle of the Trench, “… Constantinople (now Istanbul) will fall into the hands of the Muslim army. King is the best of the king, his army is the best army … ” (Hadith narrated by Imam Ahmad) Hadith of the Prophet are realized almost 800 years…

St. Paul of Tarsus

Abrahamic religions


Comparative religion


Monotheistic religions

New Testament

Systematic theology

Words: 669 (3 pages)

St Paul of Tarsus is a significant figure in Christianity due to his major contributions of writings and letters which form a significant amount of the New Testament. St Paul is considered to be the forefather of Christianity after Jesus. Paul had a major impact on these spread of Christianity through his mission journeys, contributing…

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