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What is Witness testimony?

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This help the student to analyze what has been learnt so far what are the improvement areas that they have to look after. Witness testimony It is a statement from person who involved in a particular activity. This is used to explain a situation in front of a group with more reliability. Observations Observation is a method which viewing a learner’s activity personally and understanding the same. This will enable the teacher to see what the student is doing and advise him in case of any mistakes.

This also helps the learner to learn from mistakes. Group discussions

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What is Witness testimony?
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This is a method which can be used for assessment. Learners are assigned to discuss about a particular topic and assess each learners understanding/ knowledge on the same. Tests Method which can be used to assesses a large group of learners. Tests can be either theoretical or practical. Teacher will have an outline of answers which is in line with aims of training programmer.

Peer assessment Learners in the same level assess each other and feedback. Peer assessment involves students taking responsibility for assessing the work of their peers against set assessment criteria.

They can therefore be engaged in providing feedback to their peers b) a clear explanation of four of those assessment methods that are the most appropriate to your skill specific area, with a comparison of their strengths and limitations for meeting individual learner needs. (ref. 1. 3) As I am a buyer responsible for procurement, supplier development, price negotiation etc, below assessment methods seems to be more appropriate out of above. Strengths 1. Quick and straight forward 2. Can explore the skills when do the activity. 3. Can show my efficiency and capability. Limitations 1.

It is time consuming for instructor to access a big group. 2. Large group. 3. Quality of assessment will be a concern. Witness Testimony Difficult to assess 1. Tactic used to solve a situation can be assessed and absorbed if required. 2. Can be more cautious on the situations witnessed/ explained. 1. Authenticity will be a challenge. 2. Can’t be generally used as the assessment/ tactic differs case to case Group discussion. Strength 1. Allowed to explain my own view, whether it is correct or incorrect. 2. Immediate feedback on the views 3. Will help me to understand my strength and weakness in general.

Limitations: 1. Time bounded. Will get 2. Possibility of diverting the subject unless a controller is in place. 3. Should have the in-depth knowledge of the subject to talk confidently. 4. Language of discussion could be a limitation. Task B Short-answer questions Complete the short-answer questions. 1. Explain briefly the key features for each of the following types of assessment: (ref. 1. 1) a. Initial assessment It is an assessment done prior to training programmer. This will help trainer to understand the knowledge of learners about the subject in which training is conducted. . Formative assessment Assessment takes place during the training. This will help you learners to be alive all the time during training. It also help trainer to ensure that learners are following all the aspects what trainer is trying to explain and understanding the topics. C. Summarize assessment This generally takes place at the end of training. Trainer must be cautious about the summarize assessment as he has to make sure that the required areas only analyzed. What activities or stages make up the assessment cycle? Ref. 2. 1) 2. Initial assessment Assessment plan 3. Assessment activity 4. Assessment decision and feedback Review of progress 5. 3. Explain how learners can be involved in their own assessment during each stage of the assessment cycle. (ref. 2. 1) 1. Initial assessment: This is to assess the learner on the previous experience on the subject. Teacher can issue a questionnaire to learner on the subject. This will help to have an active participation of learner on assessment. 2. Assessment plan: This is to discuss with student and agree on time line, the areas to be overfed etc.

As the learner has to involve actively in this, results must be more accurate. 3. Assessment activity: If this assessments is in the form of questions or practical issues, learner’s involvement will be more effective 4. Assessment decision and feedback: This will be more active and accurate when it go for an open discussion between these two 5. Review progress: This is the review take place periodically until learner completes the programmer. Timely involvement of teacher will be helpful to correct the learner in case required. 4. What is peer assessment? Ref. 2. 2) Peer assessment is an assessment method where learners at the same level assess each other. 5. What is self-assessment? (ref. 2. 2) It is an assessment method where student assess him/herself about their understanding of the subject with their strength and weaknesses. 6. For each type of assessment explain how learners can benefit from taking part in these activities within the assessment process and give examples. (ref. 2. 2) Benefit Examples 1. Help students to absorb the positives of peers and advise the negative sides .

Increase the interaction of learner 3. Learner will be more focused. 4. Advising improvements to own or peers work. While working with one of my colleagues, he shared me the way he manage the overdue orders etc. To ensure the Kips are met. That knowledge helped me to improve my way of follow-up on over dues and positively contributed to my performance. Self-assessment 1. Easy to realize the capabilities and capacities of an individual. 2. Mistakes can be converted into opportunities. 3. Opportunity to learner for checking own development/ progress.

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