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“The witness/The Trunk” Movie Review

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    CJS 190 Assignment #3 Due: April 12, 2013 In the film “The First 48” the episode “The witness/The Trunk” showed two murders. In the case “The Witness” a young African American couple was murdered in Miami, Florida. In the case “The Trunk” a young African American man was murdered in Memphis, TN. “The Witness” takes place in Miami, Florida. In this case two people were shot and killed. The victims of this homicide were twenty-eight year old Grace Armstrong and husband twenty-nine year old Adrian Johnson. They were high school sweet hearts and have been together for fifteen years. They had two sons and one daughter.

    Their ten year old daughter, Adriana Johnson witnessed her mother and father’s murder. Detective Rick Martinez was the lead on the double homicide. When the detectives question the daughter about what she saw, she told them she saw her dad talking to a boy. The boy gave a look and her dad slapped him. Then the boy went back to the alley and got a gun. Then her mother walked in front of the truck and the boy shot her twice. Grace died on the way to the hospital and Adrian died immediately on scene. The suspect used an AK-47. The daughter also told detectives that the suspect had two cross tattoos on his face.

    When the detectives were investigating a woman approached Martinez and told him she knew everything but his name, but she did not want to talk to him in public. I think she might have been scared for her own safety. The detectives also received a tip that a man named Carter had a fight with Adrian. With this tip they looked up Carter in the system and found his record. However he didn’t have any facial tattoos but they thought the picture could have been old. They printed out Carter’s picture along with others to put them in a line up for both witnesses.

    The lady did not recognize any of the men in the line up. Another tip came in from a family member, saying she received information that the street name of the suspect was “Bo”. Detectives has no luck with finding “Bo” until they involved the media. Mother Pamela, sister Rachel along with the victims ten year old daughter spoke during a news report. They expressed their grief and upset in order to encourage anyone with information to come forward. Information about the suspect, such as “Bo” and his distinguishing facial tattoos were released to the public. The detectives use of media worked.

    An anonymous caller gave them the suspects real name, Benito Santiago. They printed out his picture an showed it to the lady in a line up and she was able to pick him out right away. One of Bo’s family members told detectives where they could find him because people were making death threats if they didn’t give him up. When police finally had him in custody he would not answer questions. He said there was nothing to talk about. Because he did not ask for a lawyer, detectives kept talking. They even showed him pictures of the victims to see if he would show any emotions that would reveal he did it.

    Instead he just laughed. After receiving a positive id out of a line up from the victims ten year old daughter, Benito “Bo” Santiago was charged with two counts of first-degree murder. “The Trunk” takes place in Memphis, TN. This case starts off with a 911 call from a girl saying that she let her boyfriend borrow her car three days ago and then he went missing, and the vehicle just turned up with blood on the trunk. Sargent Ron Collins, in Memphis homicide unit took the lead on this investigation. The car was found abandoned in a playground parking lot with blood on and leaking from the trunk.

    NayNay was the 911 caller and owner of the car. When she was interviewed by Sgt. Connie Justice, she tells her that her boyfriend dropped her off at her house Saturday afternoon, then he left with her car and never heard from him again. Collins has the car towed to CSI, where they would have the car processed. After processing, and finding no finger prints they opened the trunk. In the Trunk was a dead body. Detectives went through the victims pockets and were able to find an id. The identified the victim as twenty-four year old DeShawn Ellington also known as “New York”.

    He had been missing for three days. Ellington moved to Memphis from New York and live with his girl friend NayNay. After searching DeShawn, detectives noticed his cell phone was missing from his holder on his belt. When detectives told NayNay about finding her boyfriends body, she told them about his other girlfriend, Arizona Brown. Arizona broke Ellington’s truck window because he told her about NayNay. She also threatened him saying “ill kill you. ” After looking at his phone records, detectives found that Arizona was the last person to talk to DeShawn. They rought her in for questioning. During this she said that he came over Friday to get his clothes and he was suppose to go over Saturday but never showed. Arizona also told them about his wife and other girlfriends. Detectives believe she is not a suspect because she had her mother and kids on Saturday to verify and her reaction to his death seemed genuine. Detectives received a call from Ellington’s best friend “Jooke” saying that him and DeShawn were recently shot at by a man named Lil’ Hubert. Ellington rented a house from hubert’s mother and owed money, which gave Hubert motive.

    When Sgt. Kevin Lundy went to bring Lil’ Hubert in for questioning, he was unable to find him. Three weeks later he was arrested for another crime and brought in for questioning. Hubert denies shooting at Jooke and Ellington or even knowing Ellington at all. He said that if he had a problem with him that Ellington should go see him. Lundy doesn’t think Hubert has anything to do with the homicide. There is no evidence he was involved or even had a problem with DeShawn. Detectives are still searching for Deshawn Ellington’s murderer.

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