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Assignment Chris Wigint

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    User-Rights and Permissions Department Jennifer Buster Bradley Lloyd Ellen Robert Spare Sam Receiving OR Shipping Sales Accounts Payable Snifter’s full time position as Sales would need Sales access for her primary position. She should only have By Position access to Accounts Payable when she is working that position. She would need Read Only for Shipping and Receiving n order provide customers with information on inventory availability.

    Neither of her positions should have required her to have full access to Shipping and Receiving. Lloyd is the purchasing agent, and should have Read Only access to Shipping and Receiving in order to know the status of inventory. He would need Read Only access for Sales in order to predict when to purchase new inventory based on sales. He would not need access to Accounts Payable in order to reform his duties.

    Buster and Ellen are shippers. They need full access to shipping to perform their duties. I am assuming the inventory is managed by receiving so they would need to have Read Only access to receiving in order to know where stock is put after it is received so they can ship it to customers. Their position would require limited access to sales in order to know what products have sold and where to ship them to.

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