The Disadvantages of Advanced Science and Technology

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In countries which have taken advanced science and technology slogan used to discredit the bounties of developing countries, and the means used are new and innovative is not the counterparts earlier era. In addition, societies today live on a number of levels a lot of competition and rivalry and collision due to differences in the interests of individuals and peoples before, and are used in order to reach the goals in such areas a lot of effort and heavy time’s abundant and large amounts of money.

Hereby in my report, will include the matrix of innovation and the implementation of this matrix in AJAX organizations, tit the benefits and advantages of innovation ideas to gain competitive advantages in the market. Regarding the changes that took place within modern societies included many levels dealing with all aspects of life. In order to meet the complex thorny situation and find solutions to intractable problems organizations need to be innovative.

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Introduction Innovation can be defined as new ideas and useful and connected to dissolve certain problems or assembly and re-installation of known patterns of knowledge in the form of a unique, not only innovation on the technical advances because t does not include the development of commodities and related processes and market preparation, but beyond also machinery, equipment and methods manufacturing and improvements in the organization itself.

The researches about innovation and creativity are introducing different models and ideas about the integration between these concepts, the seeking of linking leadership and management with the innovations and creativity with the context of change. The important emphasis will be on resolving the unnecessary and unproductive distinction created between management and leadership, and when aiming the ramification and growth, all organizations will need all innovative skills (Labial, 2004).

Traditional organizations are conceived of leadership as heroic rescuers, and focus on the real leaders to move them through the difficult times, many studies pointed to organizations that became cynical about this objective and explained the needs of recognizing the leadership practices (Backhand, 2003). The creativity in organizations has been handled as a gifted few, according to this the development and implementation of innovation strategies has become very limited, the changes beyond the view of creative talents given to specific errors rather than the application of innovative strategies in business.

There is important need to find the alternatives in applying the spectrum of creative talents all over the organization structure (Dustman, 1997). Business Innovation Process Changing circumstances faced by organizations today, whether political or cultural circumstances, social or economic, which makes it imperative for organizations to respond to these changes in a creative manner to ensure the survival of the organization and its continuation.

Necessitates artistic creativity and technological in goods and services and production methods and the worth life cycle of organizations to respond to this technological revolution and it take from changes in the structure of the organization and its management in creative ways as well, enabling it to increase their profits and increase their ability to compete and thrive in the market through guaranteed for market share competition between organizations (Isakson, 2000).

Organization Profile Dublin Aluminum Company Limited (DUBLIN) is one of the largest aluminum smelting and working in the aluminum industry, the company is headquartered in Dublin, which is considered one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates.

Was built DOUBLE aluminum as a firm called smelter Dublin Limited in 1979 and began production in comparison, New York for the first time in 1979 to begin after that initial sales in 1 980, and contributes to DOUBLE currently has about 45% of the gross income of the sector is oil for the Emirate of Dublin, it is also highly appreciated and reputation as one of the leading industrialized the most important monuments in the region. The smelter of Dublin Aluminum Company Limited consists of production lines 7, the power plant, laboratories and research facilities, port, and areas for maintenance as well as buildings and acclivities management.

Company has been ranked Dublin Aluminum Company Limited and the largest producer of aluminum smelter complex in the world, due to the production, which amounted to about 681. 000 metric tons of hot metal, and more than 900,000 metric tons of aluminum products of high quality. This sort of categorization of innovation is depending on the applications and usages of innovation, we mean here the areas or fields of innovations used in any organization, it is important to differentiate the principles of innovation application for the three concepts products, services and processes.

Product Innovation This type of innovation includes wide area of innovation, the products are considered obvious innovation application, and according to Tyson (1997) product innovation is a dual cyclone used to create new efficient products. General commercial perspective is considering product innovation attraction is the novelty of new products will persuade consumers to buy these new products. Service Innovations It is another important innovation which includes the forms of new services applications; this is not an attractive innovation because of the low spectacular and less eye catching.

It is typically takes the form of how services are provided and depends on business model. Process Innovation The process innovation is not the main concern of the final consumers, it is only important for the organizations, it has bigger impact on the operations and the production processes of the products for the customers (Chapman, 2002). The results of process innovation can be seen in the final products and the quality of these products where everything is becoming visible for the consumers.

Analysis of Innovation The innovation in DOUBLE was depending on several mechanisms which formed he innovation strategy in the organization, these mechanisms gave the organization the support to become one of the most innovative organizations in the AJAX market and at the top of innovative businesses. DOUBLE innovative mechanisms included the following: Internal Development, DOUBLE has developed its internal and the partnership with MEAL in the project worth $ 7. Billion, this is the project of the largest investment projects of industrial AAU outside the oil and gas sector, as is the smelter the first in the world that uses technology DOUBLE (DXL) for the production of aluminum by reducing the amount f energy needed to produce the metal, which lowers production costs and raise productivity. Due to the adoption of the company’s technology and modern technology have made Dublin Aluminum Company (DOUBLE), up by 5% in sales in the second quarter of the year thanks to continued robust demand in Asia and the Middle East.

The size of the second-quarter sales reached 275 thousand and 55 tons, compared with 261 thousand and 972 tons in the corresponding period of last year, and this is one of the best achievements of the company and its achievements during the year. DOUBLE had the internal area for the business and ad the enough licenses which allow the organization to build new units within the operations area for the development of the business. DUBLIN_ has launched the first campaign that combines environmental education and facilities and that encourage environmentally friendly behavior.

Initiative has been designed, which bears the name of “Project Green Life,” to promote a culture act friendly environment, thereby enhancing individual responsibility towards environmental protection and conservation of natural resources. DOUBLE has opened its doors to all proposals and innovative ideas and new development in he work environment and improving the overall performance of the company with the provision of new aluminum products that provide global quality of its products always.

Under this approach the work DOUBLE Suggestion year in which it operates and to collect all ideas and proposals of the staff and studied full application of which can be applied. For a company such as DOUBLE savings and energy conservation are the inevitable operational to achieve sustainable long- term, as it is a vital component of social responsibility, it is through reducing our consumption of energy, can help in reducing the rate of consumption of sources, at the same time, reduce the emission levels of greenhouse gases and other gases, emitted into the atmosphere.

Initiators of Innovations To promote creativity, the institutions can encourage individuals to develop innovative energies and provide them to the positions, which encourage groups to creative thinking. And these institutions are described as vibrant and energetic, and they allow workers to enter into risk. It is important to develop this ability to think through creative practice.

There are some tactics that are used in the development of creative thinking (Tied, 2002). The strategy is to build innovative organization: Determine the relationship between change and innovation where so-called change in institutional restructuring, conversion or many other terms, may resemble the process of planning, re-routing or creativity, and it can be said that the latter and change to each other, but there are some differences between them.

The most innovative institutions have a direction for change and internal investigation that should provide the following: The role of technology in the management of innovation and where is technology means initial competitive institutions and can result in spending a lot and great efforts, technology is beginning the results of basic research, which can be produced in goods marketed, may be such long-term research, and an organization can stay and grow unless technological change periodically (Labial, 2004).

Influence the strength of the threat of the market with alternative products. Technological change often intensifying competitive forces in the product market, and derive the power of technology to raise the market competition of its ability to: 1 . Impact on the competitive strength among powerful competitors. 2. Impact on the possibility of entry of new producers to the industry. 3. Influence in the competitive power of buyers and customers. 4. Influence in the competitive power of the producers and exhibitors.

Organization’s Portfolio of Innovation DOUBLE has established one of the powerful supply chains in the market; this chain was given a great mission to do the following: Ensure continuity for functions in order to meet demand and protect production. Provide the right materials at the right time in the right place with the right quantity and right price. It should support the organization social responsibilities. DOUBLE supply chain worked in 5 sub departments namely: 1. Purchasing Strategic Materials. 2. Purchasing General Materials. 3. Purchasing Contract Services & Direct Materials 4. Supply Warehouse. 5. Supply Logistics.

These sub departments were established to manage and operate the supply chain efforts directly to the main benefits of the organization; each department was focusing on part of the supply chain according to their functions in DOUBLE organization structure. Problem Analysis and Measures DOUBLE maintained working on business environments stable and where threatening dimensional solid culture of the organization, and properties formal and hierarchical and functional, specialized procedures and specific rules that it is not permitted to overcome or work abroad, and are companies enhanced the existing situation and crippling innovation.

In DOUBLE based on innovation and working in business environments variable; the solid elements weaken and shrink to be reliable more on elements soft-forming culture of values initiative, working methods based on the team, and rapid response to changes in the environment and thought and consideration out of the box, aging it more receptive to ideas, concepts and new ways of working, which brings innovation and innovators in the organization (Tied, 2002).

The culture of innovative organizations are inclined to confirm the entrepreneurial spirit and the primacy of individuals to specific rules and procedures, with a vision open to accept any new idea with minimal objections that frustrate innovation and initiative. In order for DOUBLE to achieve this should be reduced ready-to-work rules and manuals, and many examples of organizations with innovative culture. Conclusion Innovation is needed in all areas of life and at different levels. The individual, educational system and the industrial sector need the media and community organizations at the forefront of these levels.

Be life thanks to constant innovation renewal and a continuous development and great power. And be without him bland and boring, weak and feeble. That is the progress of societies depends much support innovative businesses and innovators, both material and moral support. Innovation is so necessary for everyone, and highlights the importance of innovation particularly after confirmation that emerged from that everyone can be innovative and creative if he were on education and training in this regard.

We live in an era of technological revolution. Have become advanced technology is that form the basis of development and progress. Information Technology and occupied prominent programmed in machine technology (Computer) Introduction sectors that generate large amounts of money to the owners of investment. The technology of the effects of creative work that is innovative and very fruitful field of innovation is not ever drained one hundred. Bibliography Labial, E. O. (2004). BPR and change management. Journal of Innovation Management, 355-380.

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