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High Capacity Data Hiding Method Based on JPEG


Scientific method

Words: 1128 (5 pages)

Image, audio, video, and many other kinds of data are nowadays mostly passed from person to person or from place to place in a digital form. It is often desirable to embed data into the digital contents for copyright control and authentication, or for secret data hiding. Data-embedding techniques designed to take care of such…

Guidelines for Writing an Executive Summary




Words: 727 (3 pages)

The Executive Summary, formerly the abstract, provides a general introduction and overview to the paper. It contains the thesis statement and purpose, mentions the major tasks being conducted, and is one paragraph to one page in length. The Executive Summary outlines the paper, briefly listing major concepts addressed in the paper. If an outside source…

Research Article Critique Strengths & Weaknesses Health



Focus group



Words: 2761 (12 pages)

Health care is a dynamic and forever changing field, and the professionals working within the health care field are not any different. Initial and continuing education is necessary to provide relevant and current nursing care. Critiquing research is one way to expand understanding of a subject, and ultimately make changes in practice in response to…

Type 2 writing assignment


human communication




Words: 468 (2 pages)

Referring to data from the performance log and your notes on the decisions that were made, assess a specific decision (or group of related decisions) which explains the performance outcome. Include a discussion of the underpinning theoretical frameworks you either used, or could have used, to assist your decision making. Did the theory support the…

Analysis of a Qualitative Research Report




Words: 1792 (8 pages)

Introduction Critiquing a qualitative research is fundamental to nursing research utilization and evidence based practice. The process of qualitative research is an intellectual activity which investigates human experiences in naturalistic settings, pursuing meanings that inform theory, practice and which will help one decide as to what extent research maybe useful in practice; to see if…

From Falling To Hitting Kellogg


Marketing Research

Scientific method

Words: 1045 (5 pages)

The world’s leading producer of cereal and a leading producer of convenience foods; including cookies, crackers, toaster pastries, cereal bars, frozen waffles, meat alternatives, pie crusts, and cones, with 2010 global sales of about $12. 4 billion and a market share of more than 30 percent. David Mackey, CEO of Kellogg, takes pride in being…

Big Data Analysis Platforms and Tools


Words: 2024 (9 pages)

1. Hadoop You simply can’t talk about big data without mentioning Hadoop. The Apache distributed data processing software is so pervasive that often the terms “Hadoop” and “big data” are used synonymously. The Apache Foundation also sponsors a number of related projects that extend the capabilities of Hadoop, and many of them are mentioned below….

Rouge Waves: The Science of Huge Ocean Waves




Words: 384 (2 pages)

Rouge waves Many kinds of ocean waves exist, but some of them huge waves. In fact all large waves are Rouge waves. Coastal landslides produce tidal waves whereas undersea earthquakes cause tsunamis. These can be considered as rouges which are predictable. Rouge waves are steeper than other waves. From 1990 onwards the sailors and scientists…

DMD Case Analysis




Words: 2726 (11 pages)

Description Many managerial decisions—regardless of their functional orientation—are increasingly based on analysis using quantitative models from the discipline of management science. Management science tools, techniques and concepts (e.g., data, models, and software programs) have dramatically changed the way businesses operate in manufacturing, service operations, marketing, transportation, and finance. This subject is designed to introduce first-year…

Some Researchers Find that Their Sole Sources are Secondary







Words: 1706 (7 pages)

Why might this be? Name some management questions for which secondary data sources are probably the only ones feasible. Secondary research makes up the largest part of research in many organizational circumstances and also in many educational settings. Essentially secondary data is data that has already been collected by another source. For managers this is…

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How do you Analyse a data essay?
A good outline is: 1) overview of the problem, 2) your data and modeling approach, 3) the results of your data analysis (plots, numbers, etc), and 4) your substantive conclusions. Describe the problem. What substantive question are you trying to address? This needn't be long, but it should be clear. Read More:
What is big data essay?
Big data refers to the concept of a collection of large and complex amounts of data that are found extremely difficult to notate or even process by most on-hand devices and database technologies. ... Definition Big data will then be defined as large collections of complex data…show more content… Read More:
What is data in an essay?
Data are facts, relevant material, past and present forms as a basis for the research study and analysis. ... Data serve as a raw material for the analysis in the research purpose. The data's relevancy, adequacy and reliability determine the quality of the findings of a research. Read More:
Why is data important for research?
What is the Importance of Data Analysis in Research? Data analysis is important in research because it makes studying data a lot simpler and more accurate. It helps the researchers straightforwardly interpret the data so that researchers don't leave anything out that could help them derive insights from it. Read More:

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