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Asylum Seekers Persuasive

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Asylum seekers have been escaping their hostile countries for decades now, but where are they fleeing to? Not to Australia. With the Australian government forcing asylum seekers to Thailand and other foreign countries, it is lessening the number we, as Australians, have to “deal with”, at least that is the government’s plan. Many Australians believe that asylum seekers and refugees don’t deserve to come here to Australia, however if those Australians were to be forced to flee Australia due to war, they would support them coming.

The point being made is that asylum seekers deserve as much as any Australian. Australia is a free country, and we want the entire world to believe that, so why are we trying to relieve asylum seekers of the joy of …show more content…

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Asylum Seekers Persuasive
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More often than not, we argue the question: What is normal? I can assure you it’s not the way we are treating asylum seekers. Not only is it inhumane, it is racist.

Just because they come from a country that isn’t thriving like our own, we must treat them like dirt beneath our feet? Just think about the term detention centres. The definition of detention is “a state of being confined after one’s acts of misbehaviour”, or as we like to think of it, staying after school when everyone’s gone home as a punishment for misbehaving. But can you list three things asylum seekers have done wrong? Neither can I. I don’t feel anyone could, because they are simply innocent people who have had an unfortunate lifestyle. They save up their life savings to pay for an uncertain boat trip which could easily have them killed with the same percentage of living. It’s a 50/50 chance, yet they are so desperate, they will literally do anything to get out of their country, even if it’s illegal. They come on these boats, promised a good life on the other end of the trip, with nothing but the clothes on their backs and we’re supposed to just sit back watch as they die in detention centres? So I ask you: If you were a refugee and had nowhere to go, wouldn’t you be fleeing to the safest country in the world? I know I would .

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