African Culture Maori Culture Eskimo

African Culture in the 21st Century

In the African culture the ladies wore bright colored clothes with a piece of patterned fabric wrapped around the head. If they didn’t have a piece of fabric wrapped around their head they had dangling beads around their forehead. In African culture women were thought to be beautiful if they had the bright colors men thought they were out there and brave. The African women have been influenced by the of women In Egypt with their traditional pink things so now they would wear pink thongs to.

Maori Culture in the 21st Century

In Maori culture women have a swirl patterned tattoo on their face.  Men think that Maori women are attractive if they have that swirled pattern tattoo on their chin because it shows that they are strong and could handle the pain. Maori men think that the women are beautiful if they are bigger built than other women.

Eskimo Culture in the 21st Century

In the Eskimo culture the women wear a long coat that is Just below the knee with big furry hood and long boots with fur and fur on the inside of the coat.  Eskimos are thought to be beautiful if they are short and fat.  Eskimos clothes are changed as they grow up, as they get older they have more fur on them.

Historical Periods – 17th Century

In the 17th century the women wore a long dress with wide hips and a tall frilly neck with tall hair in a bun and puffy sleeves. The men think that the women were attractive because they were covered from head to toe. And you couldn’t see any skin.

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