Believer Essay – Christianity

“And such trust have we through Christ to God-ward”I have a confession to make: I have been Catholic all my life and Ihave never fully read the bibile. Unbeleiveable considering I went to Catholic School from kindergarten to eighth grade! I have followed my religion my own way.

I believe God and I are close, not to be funny but, we talk. Needless to sayI do most of the talking, he does respond to my taking in ways that I amsure he exists. I know this when I wake up and see the sun peek through my window, or when I drive along the road and see the leaves changing colors. I know this is true whenever I look up on a clear night and see the brightest stars through the wispy lcouds.

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And I fully believe that there is more thatn I can imagine witing for me when the sun tries to sneak through the clouds forming rays of the light in such a way that leaves me breathless. Still, in all of this wonderment how do I still have fear in my heart? I have fear because I do not have control and I do not know what will happen, I can only hope. I have a faith, that even when shaken still holds true. I think though, how can I be sure.

I think this on those dark nights when everyone in the house is asleep but me, and all that I can hear is the nervous beating of my heart. This is when I contomplat what happens to me when I die. Will there be nothing like before I was born. Will I not know the conscious mind? Will I die and lay in the cold earth and be still for all eternity with only the perfect joy I had in life behind me and there will be no more? Or will I die and wake up, like life was a dream, and it gets better.

All of the beauty I was tsalking about surrounds me and I am once again with my family? Will it be a mixture of all te happiness I had in life with the constant beuaty of my favorite days with my family for all eternity? These sare the thoughts that run rampant in my mind. Not the best time to think of such complex ideas, I know, but it’s tha moorib curiosity that keeps you thinking. These thoughts and these nights are the reason I took this class. I was looking for answeres or an end to my fears.

I am still afraid but now, I am more hopeful. I have learned through this class that nooene really knows. I have learned that all over the world, within everyreligion , people simply believe. This is why I selected the quote at the top of my paper, how true it is!After reading all of the selections for this paper, I was torn, I wanted to alk about them all.

I soon realized the one most fitting to answer my questions was I Corinthians 15. I got a sense that th eonly thing I can do is believe in what I feel most comfortable with. Maybe this is selfish, but it appealed to me. We are saved if we believe.

We will die and be risen just like Jesus. He died and rose and twelve saw him, then again 500 saw him. Jesus died for our sins so that we could one day rise again. This is what I feel the scriptures meant.

So far, this is good for me to hear. It’s sounds so easy, believe and I will be saved! How do I fully believe though? How do I know I am just not faking my belief to be saved? If I foolow his rules will I be saved? It doestn’t really give an outline as how to be saved, but I think I can get an idea. I know what it is saying. It’s saying exactly what I am in harder words.

When the Bibl esays “But if there be no resurection of the dead, then Christ is not risen, And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain” I know what they mean. They are as unsure as me! To me, I think this means if people doubt the resurection of Jesus, then people doubt his teaching, so their belief is false and not real.

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