Book Report Essay

I knew about this book because one day I was seeing T.V. watching theseries of Lizzie McGuire. Then, in the commercials they pass one aboutscholastic and there I saw the books about Lizzie so I asked my mom to byesome of then to me because I wanted to read them!The title of the book is Picture This and it is written by Doug Tuberand Tim Maile the characters of this book are Lizzie McGuire, David Gordon,Miranda Sanchez, Ms.

McGuire, Matt, Lanny, Kate Sanders, and Ethan Kraft.

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The setting of this book is in Lizzie’s house and school.

First PartIt was Picture Day and Lizzie McGuire didn’t know what to wear, soshe called her best friend Miranda Sanchez. She got many ideas and sheaccepts one idea. The idea was to dress like Britney Spears, Matt calledtheir parents. Mr and Ms. McGuire got there immediately, Lizzie’s parentsand her got into a big discussion. Her mom opened Lizzie’s drawer and tookout a red sweater with a unicorn at the front that her grandma had gave herwhich was not-in fashion-.

Matt called Lanny to ask him if he had done thehomework. Lanny didn’t to the homework so Matt had the idea of playing sickto his mom. As breakfast started, he said he had a stomach ache and went tobed her mom discovers his lie and makes him suffer being sick.

Lizzie got to the school bus and they started laughing. Her friendstell her to go and change. When she got to the door of the bus immediatelyit got closed by the driver. When they got to school everyone was laughingand Kate Sanders and Miranda wore the same clothes.

Later, Gordo asked her when she was taking the photo she said 6thperiod. Gordo called her to his locker and opened it there were lots ofbeautiful shirts. In art, Kate threw paint to Lizzie. In the photo shelooked pretty!2nd PartOne day at Lizzie’s School they left her to make a report o 5 pages.

Next, Miranda and she went to the mall and in a store they said thatMiranda had stolen a lipstick. Lizzie couldn’t defend her so they got mad.

Lanny got a camera for hid Birthday and they were planning to do a programthey called it Matt’s After Dinner!The day before Mr. Diggs gave P.E. class the class had to dance inpartners Lizzie chose Miranda, so she told Mr. Diggs she didn’t want todance with Lizzie. So Lizzie got to dance with Ethan. Matt tried to makethe program funny and he made it possible with his dad. Lanny got mad.

Later, Mrs. Stebel was accusing Miranda of plagiarising the reportfrom E-Z-Read. Lizzie defended her. There weren’t mad and Miranda confessedall. Lanny and Matt were happy too.

I think this book is only for girls because it talked about a girl’slife. This book a recommend mainly to girls from 8-12 years old. I likedthis book because it is very interesting to read when you have spear timeand if you have Cable Color you can see the series at 7pm. I liked thisbook a lot I would recommend the library to bye some of these books.

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