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Silver Linings Playbook Analysis


Words: 2041 (9 pages)

The narrative of Silver Linings Playbook is formed in the heart of Philadelphia around a middle class family at it’s breaking point. Pat’s, the protagonist, family has very much shaped his current situation; he has clinical bipolar disorder and struggles with stress-induced manic outbursts. After Pat’s release from a mandated rehabilitation center, he handles the…

Compare and Contrast “The Help” Book and Movie



Words: 832 (4 pages)

There are many differences between the book, The Help, and the movie, “The Help”. Although the director did manage to keep some of the plots the same, there are still not as many similarities as differences in the book and movie. To start off, the director did keep most of the characters looks and personalities…

Comparison and Contrast: Tuck Everlasting Movie and Book



Words: 1167 (5 pages)

Comparison and Contrast: Tuck Everlasting Movie and Book             From the story of Harry Potter to the trilogy of Lord of the rings, there are many books which have been produced and aired to big screens.  Those who read and watched the book and the movie of a certain story are very interested of comparing the…

Hearts Of Darkness Book


Words: 1851 (8 pages)

It is important to notice the details, to ponder them, to see how patterns repeat themselves, and to see how the pieces fit together. Marrow’s journey and your reading about the Journey require constant alertness, discipline, patience, and a willingness to look for what Is not Immediately apparent. Section 1 A. The Thames Setting 1….

Rizal Book Summary and Reactions


Words: 1678 (7 pages)

Rizal left Hong Kong on board of the Oceanic. an American soft-shell clam on his manner to Japan which was “The Land of Cherry Blossoms” . He arrived in Yokohama and stayed for one twenty-four hours in Grand Hotel. Then he went to Tokyo and stayed at the Tokyo Hotel. He stayed with Juan Perez…

Crisis Depicted in the Book “Age of Wonders”


Words: 1530 (7 pages)

The book Age of Wonders is an excellent example in portraying the crisis of not only the European civilization but also racism which still very abundant in todays society. The author is trying to send a strong message that racism is indeed wrong, and only through education will people know that. Using his own experiences…

Book vs. Film – Shutter Island



Words: 2523 (11 pages)

Almost every movie ever made was originally a book. Just looking at how many movies that were originally books would surprise you. Although both the movie and the book contain the same storyline, there are always differences between the two. Some book and movie versions have more differences than other book and movie versions do….

National Bookstore: a Profile of Its Marketing Mix



Words: 1115 (5 pages)

Product National Bookstore offers a wide range of products from the retail sale and distribution of books to the sale of various school supplies. National Bookstore’s products, specifically the school supplies, are mostly aimed for the students’ and office workers’ consumption and needs. However, the customers of National Bookstore are not limited to just students…

Booker T. Washington

Booker T.Washington


Words: 1318 (6 pages)

Imagine being in a position that gave you the power to inspire a race and gain the respect of another. Booker T. Washington, a prominent and extremely successful African-American had that opportunity. This opportunity came in the times of the emancipation of slavery. And when given the chance he excelled. In his book, Up from…

A Comparison of “the War of the Worlds” Book (1898) and Modern Film





Words: 462 (2 pages)

Although it is the same story, the war of the world’s book (1898) and film (modern) have their differences and similarities. Differences A major difference between them is when it is set and the location. The difference between 1898 and 2005 really changes the story. In 1898 people are fleeing from the tripods in horse-drawn…

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