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The Hate U Give

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Reading Literature Helps Us Understand the World

The Hate U Give



Words: 755 (4 pages)

Literature is relevant because it helps the person better comprehend what he or she is reading rather than just skimming through it. In our everyday lives, we use literature for critical thinking purposes. It helps us see ourselves see from a third-person point of view. Literary fiction creates a large amount of pure entertainment by…

Prejudiced Attitude Towards a Person Because of His Appearance


Social Issues

The Hate U Give

Words: 471 (2 pages)

Prejudice is the judgment of a person based on their religion, race, gender, and a ton of other factors. Prejudice has been a problem in our society for a while and sadly a lot of our historical conflicts are due to prejudice of some kind. Due to Harper Lee’s perspective in 1960, To Kill A…

What the Hate U Give Story Taught Me



The Hate U Give

Words: 1752 (8 pages)

One lesson I learned while reading The Hate U Give was to never trust anything. You can trust yourself, but you can never trust what anyone else is saying. When Khalil got shot, for absolutely doing nothing, nobody trusted Starr’s word at first but herself. A theme I saw was racism, you see it from…

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