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Business Case-Study

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  • Pages 3
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    What actions can companies and governments take to ensure that products cannot be easily pirated? Be specific.  Do you think that the international business community is being too lax about the abuse of intellectual property rights? Are international companies simply afraid to speak out for fear of jeopardizing access to attractive markets? . Increased digital communication may pose a threat to intellectual property because technology allows people to create perfect clones of original works. How do you think the Internet might affect intellectual property laws?Update the Tiffany vs. eBay lawsuit mentioned in the case. Identify each main argument of both the plaintiff and the defendant. If there has been a settlement, what were the terms? If the case has been tried in the courts, what was the verdict? What have been the implications of the lawsuit for counterfeits sold on online auctions?

    The following sources can give you further details about the information mentioned in this case:

    • Andrew Batson, “Fox Aims to Foil Piracy in China with Cheap DVDs,” Wall Street Journal (www. wsj. com), November 13, 2006.
    • “Psst, Wanna Buy a Cheap Bracelet? ” The Economist (www. economist. com), July 1, 2004.
    • Nick Wingfield, “Tiffany sues eBay for Allowing Counterfeit Merchandise on Site,” Wall Street Journal (www. wsj. com), June 22, 2004.

    Frederik Balfour, “Armani is Starting His Long March to China,” Wall Street Journal (www. wsj. com), May 3, 2004. Murray Hiebert, “Car-Parts Piracy has Auto Makers Spinning their Wheels,” Wall Street Journal (www. wsj. com), February 26, 2004. Do you think it is ethical for non-Cuban businesses to enter into partnerships with the Cuban government?

    Why or why not?  “See Cuba before Castro dies,” is the chant of some young travelers reacting to reports that Fidel Castro’s health is declining. Do some research on Cuba, and describe a scenario for economic transition in the event that the Castro regime collapses. How do you think the transition to a market economy in Cuba would be the same as, or different from, the transitions now taking place in Russia and China? Besides its trade embargo against Cuba, the United States also has enacted a law that permits U. S. ompanies to sue companies from other nations that traffic in the property of U. S. firms nationalized by Castro when he took over. The law also empowers the U. S. government to deny entry visas to the executives of such firms as well as their families. Why do you think the United States maintains such a hard line against doing business with Cuba? Do you think this embargo is in the United States’ best interests? Why or why not? The following sources can give you further details about the information mentioned in this case:

    1. “Cuba’s Gulag,” The Economist (www. economist. com), April 1, 2004.
    2. “Nickel, but No Dimes,” The Economist (www. economist. com), September 18, 2003.
    3. “The Disaster is Now ‘Irrevocable,’” The Economist (www. economist. com), July 4, 2002.
    4. Sheridan Prasso, “Think Twice About Havana Holidays,” Business Week, September 10, 2001.
    5.   Gail DeGeorge, “A Touch of Capitalism,” Business Week, March 17, 1997, pp. 50, 52.
    6. William C. Symonds and Gail DeGeorge, “Castro’s Capitalist,” Business Week, March 17, 1997, pp. 48–49.

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