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Teenager’s Choices


Words: 1775 (8 pages)

Teenager’s Choices             With the increasing diversity happening in the workplace and society, individuals now have wider choices in the decisions that they make. They are given the liberty to express what they want and desire what they dream. Though this may be the case, there is a corresponding responsibility associated in the process. This…

POLYETHENEaint is choice


Words: 1127 (5 pages)

Polyethene also known as polyethylene or polythene, was the first of the polymers to be discovered. Polyethene is a polymer produced by reacting oxygen and ethene, in this reaction the small ethene molecules attach together to form long chain polymer molecules. This process is known as addition polymerisation. Polyethene in our world today has many…

Rational Choice Theory and Decision Making


Words: 580 (3 pages)

In game theory, bounded rationality is a concept based on the fact that rationality of individuals is limited by the information they have, the cognitive limitations of their minds, and the finite amount of time they have to make decisions. This contrasts with the concept of rationality as optimization. [1] Another way to look at…

Dry Campus the Right Choice: Pros and Cons


Words: 777 (4 pages)

Is a dry campus the right choice? College is about making memories, both good and bad. The university of South Alabama is a dry campus, which means that there are no alcoholic beverages allowed in your dorm room or at any event on campus. Even though the legal age for consuming alcohol is twenty-one students…

Factors Affecting Rational Choice


Words: 2597 (11 pages)

Factors Affecting Rational Choice Most consumer behavior analyses and programs seek to dig out consumers’ needs and wants, which direct their purchasing and decision behaviors. Consumer behavior and choice are complex, inherently dynamic and potentially affected by a number of factors. According to this, it seems that the rational choice theory should make some adjustments…

Choice, Not Chance Determines Destiny


Words: 429 (2 pages)

As Oscar Wilde once aptly noticed, the best way to resist temptation is to yield to it. When we think about our lives, we are prone to yield to two temptations at once. Whenever our plans and goals crash, we willingly blame it on our destiny as a scheme of life, which was written beforehand…

The ChoicePoint Attack


Words: 1656 (7 pages)

Case Study 12 (p. 310): The ChoicePoint Attack. 1.       ChoicePoint exposed itself to considerable expense, many problems, and a possible loss of brand confidence because it notified the Los Angeles Police Department, cooperated in the investigation, and notified the individuals whose records had been compromised. It could have buried the theft and possibly avoided any…

Limited Liability -company: Choice of entity considerations For a start-up company



Words: 9745 (39 pages)

I.HISTORY OF THE LLC IN TEXAS. TEXAS LIMITED LIABILITY ACT (TLLCA) A limited liability company (LLC) is a hybrid entity, combining the best features of corporation with that of a partnership.  Typically, it provides businesses with the freedom to intervene in management affairs as in a partnership, while providing insulation from personal liability, as with…

Malintzins Choices


Words: 725 (3 pages)

Nick Schweitzer Malintzin’s Choices Malintzin had an important role in the ancient history and colonization of Latin America. She would rise from just a simple servant girl and slave, to become one of the key factors of the Spanish colonization of the indigenous natives in the New World. She helped translate for the Spanish conquistadors…

Multiple Choice Identify


Words: 1387 (6 pages)

One advantage of the payback method for evaluating potential investments is that it provides some information about a project’s liquidity and risk. 8. In theory, any capital budgeting investment rule should depend solely on forecasted cash flows and the opportunity cost of capital. The rule itself should not be affected by managers’ tastes, the choice…

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