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Business Realities

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New Business Realities E-Business Systems: The New Infrastructure E-business uses the global reach of the Internet to connect customers, vendors, suppliers and employees together, and the information they need, to do a better job. It represents a secure, reliable, scalable and manageable framework that builds on existing technology investments to prepare for the future. It is about Web-enabling core business processes to improve customer service, reduce product cycle time, get better results from limited resources and sell products electronically.

As a sales associate for Avon, I found the internet to be one of the best ways to offer customer convenience and efficiency.

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Business Realities
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It also allowed me a better option of virtually advertising new and upcoming sales for to customers from the convenience of my home. Many companies have Web sites, but to date these have largely been static, brochure type presentations of company information.

While such first generation Web publishing has helped disseminate information within the company and to customers, much more is possible.

For example, moving customer service processes to the Web makes it easier to do business with a company. Customers can serve themselves in such areas as placing and tracking orders and product support. This alternative to the telephone, particularly for more routine matters, will help free up the service logjam and focus scarce human resources on the remaining issues.

Net Communication: New Communities I enjoy the convenience of communicating, announcing group meeting and sending attachments with just the click of a button. Sharing pictures and your opinion to the world has become something pretty mainstream. I myself enjoy the benefits of reading and also sharing my opinions with friends and family on facebook and/or twitter. The internet is the best resource one can use to research pretty much anything worldwide.

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