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Cars enslave us rather than liberate us

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For the past decades cars have become an indispensable part of our daily life. It is almost impossible for us to imagine an existence without them. Nonetheless, in my view they do not only fulfil their positive role of enabling us to reach our destination faster. On the contrary, they tend to make our lives unbearable and they seem to be a necessary evil for the majority of society. To begin with, it seems to me that it requires a lot of effort and money to afford a car.

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Cars enslave us rather than liberate us
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Not only the purchase of a car is expensive but also it is inevitable that, as you already are the owner of a dream vehicle, you are bound to be prepared for neverending expenses which need to be covered during all the duration of possesing your machine. Cars can be compared to people who demand water in order to survive. The price of fuel is exorbitant, but unfortunately we do not have influence on it.

Secondly, one of the main reasons for the cars to be limited is that the quality of life in our cities and in the suburbs became worse owing to the fact that there is a surplus of vehicles on our streets.

For instance, there are permanently traffic jams on one of the the main access roads to Warsaw, namely on a route from Krakow/Katowice. This situation causes a lot of inconvenience and frustration, both for drivers and for people who travel to Warsaw where they work. It also needs to be stated that cars produce a vast number of pollution making each city a worse place to live. The number of cars in big cities should be therefore restricted, as it is solved in other countries thanks to higher charges of parking in the city. The role of a government should be to prepare an appropriate plan which will be put into effect.

Thirdly, since the cars cost a lot of money their owners are worried about them being stolen or damaged. In order to cope with this worry they have to install expensive alarm systems and, to make matters worse, car-owners need to avoid places where they could fall victims to the theft of one’s beloved machine. In contrast, there is obviously one vital thing which makes cars useful. It is possible to go to the far places and realise one’s wishes concerned with our travel destination that you could not do in any other way. To be more precise, you can decide to prepare almost any trip on the spur of the moment.

Having car in such a situation makes us independent of a public transport which, in fact, has a limited range of places which you can reach. Taking all the points into consideration, I would say that the role of cars is undeniably of extensive importance. The arguments against these vehicles should also be considered as a way to improve our living conditions. Car is a facilitation without which it would not be possible to live in the twenty-first century. Nevertheless, it might sometimes be a good idea to think, for instance, of one’s health and make a trip by bicycle instead.

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Cars enslave us rather than liberate us. (2016, Jul 03). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/cars-enslave-us-rather-than-liberate-us/

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