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Pert-Cpm and Transportation Problem Technique


Words: 1575 (7 pages)

Background Of The Study The IIMMPC is a producer’s cooperative composed of small scale manufacturers from Iligan City and Lanao del Norte. It was organized in 2007 to enable the members to engage in big projects that cannot be done singly by any member cooperators but only through the joint efforts of all the member-cooperators….

How Have Transport Improvements Helped Build a More Interconnected World


Words: 535 (3 pages)

During the 1700s, it would have required a span of 2 years to circumnavigate the globe. However, by the 1930s, this time had drastically reduced to just 8 days. In the 1990s, advancements in technology and transportation resulted in a significant decrease to a mere 31 hours. These improvements in transport have effectively contributed to…

Hovercraft : Advantages and Provided Services


Words: 1064 (5 pages)

A hover craft is a vehicle that you stand on. It floats in the air. Hovercrafts are used throughout the world as specialized transports. They can also be used after a natural disaster for emergency purposes. Because they are supported by a cushion of air, hovercraft are unique among all other forms of ground transportation…

Airbus A380 and Potential Airbus Threat


Words: 365 (2 pages)

Why is Airbus interested in building the A3XX? What are its objectives? Because of the increasing demand in air transportation and rising traffic in many airports, VLA segment will grow up significantly, so this will be a huge advantage for Airbus. Airbus’s researches show that compared to others, A3XX will help Airbus to get more…

Customer Perception of Services Provided by Public Sector Road Transport


Words: 2877 (12 pages)

GENERAL INTRODUCTION Introduction to Transport In many countries, major investments are being made in public transport systems to make them more competitive in relation to other means of transport, most notably private vehicles. New services are being developed and old ones are being improved. However, an increase in supply (qualitatively or quantitatively) will not automatically…

What is Mumbai Monorail?


Words: 609 (3 pages)

The Mumbai Monorail is a monorail system presently under building for the metropolis of Mumbai. India. The undertaking is being implemented by Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority MMRDA. with Larsen & A ; Toubro ( L & A ; T ) and a pool of Malayan substructure Scomi Engineering. It will be the first monorail…

Traffic and Transportation in American cities


Words: 885 (4 pages)

Part of a discussion about issues confronting American cities…provide an opinion paper on how mass transit will solve many urban problems for American cities. Provide a good argument and substantiate the ideas. Mass transit is the process whereby there is a movement of people from urban area to the city perhaps to conduct business or…

Effectiveness and Efficiency of Public Transport


Words: 935 (4 pages)

INTRODUCTION Public transport is defined as buses, trains and other forms of transport that are available to the public, charge set fares, and run on fixed routes as stated in the eleventh edition of Concise Oxford English Dictionary. While, according to Munizaga. M in his article Assessing public transport demand stability using mode choice and…

Disability And Mobility:Ensuring Safe And Accesible Road Transportation In Lagos State.


Words: 256 (2 pages)

Introduction Lagos is a mega city whose operations have extended to the neighbouring states. Its rapid growth in recent times has brought with it very considerable increases in demand for all forms of urban transport. However, this demand has not been matched by the supply of sufficient facilities and services. The result has been widespread…

Vertical Transportation


Words: 609 (3 pages)

1.0 INTRODUCTION Vertical transportation systems are of vital importance in high-rise buildings. Escalators are used on lower floors for moving high volumes of people over short distances. In Nigeria few retail buildings and airports have escalators, and many commercial buildings have elevators, and elevators could be said to be the most common means of vertical…

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