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Character Summary The Mice Research Paper

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Character Summary: The Mice Essay, Research Paper

? Of Mice And Men? , being a narrative about two work forces and their battles, nevertheless ne’er truly traveling into item of the mice in which were unjustly murdered. The mice slaughtered by Lennie were ne’er truly at mistake for their actions. When being harshly petted by Lennie, the mice would merely seek to protect themselves, therefore Lennie resorted to killing the mice in his ain defence.

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Character Summary The Mice Research Paper
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These mice, being killed invariably by Lennie, were guiltless victims sent to their marauder by Lennie? s Aunt Clara.

Did Aunt Clara see the effects that would subsequently consequence the mice? These mice may hold had households of their ain in which they would ne’er return to. A female parent mouse may hold gathered nutrient for the following repast merely to see the male parent of her kids ne’er return. Of class it is better that she ne’er see what had fatally happened that twenty-four hours.

These mice, one time caught by Aunt Clara, ne’er had a opportunity. After capturing this hapless, guiltless, small animal, it was so released into the custodies of Lennie. Is it the mice? s mistake that they are so soft, and tangible? If merely mice were more abhorrent, horrid or ghastly they would hold a opportunity of lasting. Possibly if these minute animals were more inactive, and did non seek to protect themselves they would still be alive. However, how can one be certain of that? Possibly Lennie would hold petted the

animal to a more powerful extent therefore killing it still while the guiltless mice merely took the agony.

Unknown to Lennie, the mice may hold had a dream merely like him. Though most mice likely would non hold dreamt about having their ain land, a dream may hold still existed. Possibly the mice would hold wanted to populate some topographic point safe from people. Dreaming of a topographic point in which a mouse could eat all the clip non holding to seek for nutrient, Lennie may hold killed them. This rough world is precisely the same as what had happened to Lennie. It is unable to be disproved that what George had done to Lennie in his clip of failing was non the same as what Lennie had done to the mice in their clip of weakness. Possibly, that was how the mice wanted to decease though, happy visualizing their dreams in their caputs. On the other manus, one is non to be certain that these mice did non decease in tormenting hurting, paralyzed by the touch of this tremendous animal. However these hapless animals died, they were unable to populate the remainder of their lives.

The mice, deceasing in the custodies of a gigantic animal, ne’er stood a opportunity. Unable to do it in such a malicious and revengeful universe these mice were so viciously murdered before of all time accomplishing their dreams. Thankss to Aunt Clara? s graciousness towards Lennie, the mice were unable to carry through their dreams. This moral unfairness was unjust, and out right incorrect.

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