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My Goal is to Become a Role Model for Children

Role Model

Words: 736 (3 pages)

Since I can remember the number one thing adults would always tell me was ‘if you want to be successful you have to go to College’ and luckily that stuck with me because here I am now, a Freshmen in college. College has different significance to different individuals as for myself not only does it…

Professional Code of Ethics for Teachers

Role Model

Words: 1241 (5 pages)

In the workplace there are many factors that one must take under consideration or act upon. Every workplace has rules, regulations, and policies that but be abided by no matter what position they are with company. Everyone is always expected to be professional. An example would be police officers. Whether they are on or off…

The Era of Progression Illustrated in the Novel, Ragtime

Role Model

Words: 1107 (5 pages)

Edgar Lawrence Doctorow was an “American, editor, professor, and novelist, best known internationally for his contribution of historical fiction” Doctorow was defined as one of the most important American novelists of the 1900’s. During the time of the century in the U. S., introduced new inventions, new ways of living, and new cultures. At this…

Kim Kardashian: The Fall of Society

Role Model

Words: 1213 (5 pages)

Kim Kardashian is a true villain because of the negative stereotypes she puts upon girls around the world. While she has an amazing profit from the cosmetic business she runs that young girls love the buy, millions of her fans are forced to feel obligated to be just like her. Her makeup sells young girls…

Coaching as Role Model Essay

Role Model

Words: 722 (3 pages)

To answer this question effectively and without judgment, we must first define and understand what both careers are. Per the US National Library of Medicine/National Institute of Health (PMC), an Educator is an individual who plays many major roles and can be considered as a teacher or an administrator. An educator’s focus is to educate,…

Truama and Therapy

Role Model

Words: 1016 (5 pages)

There are many experiences in life that effect our well-being. Some experiences have an emotional ripple that was created from childhood to our elderly lifespan. This ripple is also known as trauma. Trauma can have a dramatic impact on how we live our daily lives. The response to how a person handles trauma is how…

Bettie Page as a Role Model for Women

Role Model

Words: 2148 (9 pages)

Bettie page, the poster girl for pin up, the model of the 50s. She was an icon, first appearing in men’s magazines and later becoming a role model to the women around her, Exuding confidence and femininity. Page was praised for her modeling career and her unapologetic sexuality, but that is not to be said…

Psychology Career Is Not Just a Job

Role Model

Words: 1284 (6 pages)

Rebecca Falls , a geographic coordinator once stated, “One of the most valuable things we can do to heal one another, is to listen to the issues of others.” One of the proudest accomplishments of my life was earning a bachelor’s degree, even though I came from a small town. Growing up as a role…

I’ll Make a Man Out of You

Role Model

Words: 2439 (10 pages)

In 1998 Walt Disney Pictures released Mulan, a movie based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan. The story of Hua Mulan, can be traced back to the Ballad of Mulan which centers around the tale of a young women who in order to save her elderly fathers life, disguises herself as a man, and…

Fame and Fortune of the Silver Queen

Role Model

Words: 782 (4 pages)

The “Silver Queen” wanted fame and fortune and that is just what she did. “Baby Doe” became a role model for many women during her time as she went from rags to riches obtaining the “American Dream”. Elizabeth Bonduel McCourt was born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1854 to a not so wealthy family. Her mother…

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What are the key elements of a Role Model essay

The key elements of a Role Model essay are describing how the person became a role model, their qualities, and how they inspire others.

How to start essay on Role Model

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to start an essay on a role model will vary depending on who your role model is and what you want to say about them. However, some tips on how to start an essay on a role model might include introducing your role model and discussing what it is about them that you admire, explaining how they have inspired you, or sharing a personal story about how they have helped you in your life. Whatever approach you take, make sure to connect your discussion of your role model back to yourself and your own experiences, so that your essay is ultimately about how this person has impacted you and your life.

General Essay Structure for this Topic

  1. A Role Model Is Someone Who You Can Look Up To And Who You Can Learn From.
  2. A Role Model Is Someone Who Sets A Good Example For You.
  3. A Role Model Is Someone Who You Can Aspire To Be Like.
  4. A Role Model Is Someone Who You Can Learn From.
  5. A Role Model Is Someone Who Can Help You When You Need It.
  6. A Role Model Is Someone Who Is There For You.
  7. A Role Model Is Someone Who You Can Look Up To.
  8. A Role Model Is Someone Who Can Help You Become A Better Person.
  9. A Role Model Is Someone Who Can Inspire

Frequently Asked Questions about Role Model

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How can I describe my role model?
A role model is a person whose behavior or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people. The person who inspires and motivates can also be a role model.
Who is a good role model?
A good role model is someone who is always positive, calm, and confident in themselves. You don't want someone who is down or tries to bring you down. Everyone likes a person who is happy with their achievements, but continues to strive for bigger and better objectives.
Who is the role model in your life?
For most children, the most important role models are their parents and caregivers, who have a regular presence in their lives. As a parent, it is impossible to not model. Your children will see your example – positive or negative – as a pattern for the way life is to be lived.

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