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Checkpoint: Hipaa Privacy Rule

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Exemptions, and Compliance Plans Describe in your own words the five provisions of the HAIFA Privacy Rule as noted in Chapter 2 and discuss the provision you feel Is the best safeguard against unauthorized sharing of Protected Health Information (PHI). The HIPPO has many provisions in place to protect a person medically. One of those provisions Is to protect a person’s private health Information from getting Into the wrong hands. Before this program there were laws in some states, but in many there were not.

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Checkpoint: Hipaa Privacy Rule
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A patient can feel safe that their personal information will not be stolen. Another provision is in place to ensure that workers and their families receive health Insurance when they change or lose their Job. Another provision is that HIPPO Is required to look out for any fraud and abuse, this provision Is good because many providers and their staff will try to take advantage of their patients. Another provision that is provided is to create a standard for electronic transmission of health care transaction; this provision is good because a patient can feel save that their personal

Information will be sent properly If needed.

The last provision is the disclosure for treatment, payment, and health care operations; this provision states that the use and disclosure of PHI are permitted for a patient’s treatment, payment, and health care operations. This provision makes sure that the information that Is exchanged is as limited as possible to make sure that there Is no Incidental disclosure. I believe that the best provision is the protection of a person’s health information from getting into the wrong hands.

I like that information cannot legally be shared without permission from that person. What are some possible exemptions to this Privacy Rule? Give specific examples of PHI that can be shared with outside healthcare entities. Certain benefits are always exempt from HIPPO Including coverage only for accident, disability income coverage, liability, insurance, workers’ compensation, automobile medical payment and liability insurance, credit-only insurance (such as mortgage insurance), and coverage for on-site medical clinics. The McGraw-Hill Companies, 008). PHI under HIPPO can be disclosed by that person’s provider for treatment, payment, and health care operations. Patients’ PHI under HAIFA can be used and disclosed by providers for treatment. “Use of PHI means sharing or analysis within the entity that holds the information. Disclosure of PHI means the release, transfer, provision of access to, or divulging of PHI outside the entity holding the Information” (The McGraw-Hill Companies. 2008).

How does the HAIFA Privacy Rule relate to the adoption and implementation of a he HIPPO Privacy Rule relates to the compliance plan because they are both set to protect their people. HIPPO privacy Rule protects the patient’s personal information and it also protects a patient from any fraud or abuse. The compliance plan is made for the provider to make sure that they are covered and things are right according to government regulations.

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