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Final Project: Zara Logistics



Words: 2772 (12 pages)

Zara is a Spanish-based retail chain owned by the group Inditex who has taken a new approach in the industry and has completely changed the fashion world. Zara specializes in inexpensive fashions for women and men between the ages of 16 and 35. Zara has created a competitive advantage: they own their in-house production and…

Assignment: Courier service




Words: 762 (4 pages)

Assignment 1: Courier serviceWhether it is a business consignment or personal items that need to be sent quickly, the first thing that comes to our mind is Courier Service. Courier service plays a big role in daily routine in current lifestyle.Information flow from the Order to DeliveryAn order forms the basis for the information flow…

Approaches Of Quality Control Used By Pizza Hut





Words: 2360 (10 pages)

This is the cardinal factor for a nutrient concatenation like Pizza Hut. All the employees are at the dorsum of the house i.e. the kitchen helpers are trained for that ground. They are given excess lessons to run into the quality criterions set by Pizza Hut around the universe. This scheme is indispensable in order…

Nikon’s Sales and Distribution Strategy in India

Business Process



Words: 673 (3 pages)

Point of View and Point of Time: In May 2007, Nikon Corporation, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of optical and imaging equipments, entered India by setting up Nikon India Private Limited (Nikon India) as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Nikon India had witnessed good sales growth and by early 2009, had established market leadership in the…

The Strategic Problems At United Parcel Service Business





Words: 984 (4 pages)

Established in 1907 as a courier corporation in the United States, UPS has developed into a multi-billion-dollar company by doubtless concentrating on the end of enabling concern around the Earth. Today, UPS is a planetary company with one of the most celebrated and recognized trade names in the universe. It has become the universe ‘s…

Internal and external analysis JC Penney




Words: 1376 (6 pages)

J.C. Penney is a retail outlet that operates in many locations globally. It deals with product lines such as clothing, footwear, beauty products, electronics, and jewelry. There are several changes that have taken place in the macro environment that promises to increase the fortunes of the company. The advertisement in technology is one single important…

Analysis of CEP Companies in European Market

Competitive Advantage



Words: 10959 (44 pages)

PESTLE analysis is a view on external environment companies operates in. There are five external factors that influence life of organizations: Political environment, Economical environment, Socio-cultural environment, Legal environment and Environmental factor. The below PESTLE analysis focuses on CEP companies in European market. Political Environment European region is stable environment that is not affected by…

Analyze And Address Strengths And The Weaknesses Business




Words: 6256 (26 pages)

In the late eightiess, Spritzer Berhad was set-up in Taiping. It is figure one bottled H2O trade name in Malaysia. It was passing a multi-million ringgit in order to construct 300 estates of environmental protection bottling installation and continue tropical wood land off from taint. Spritzer was focused on healthy life style and green environment….

Business level strategy of Maruti Suzuki

Business Process

Business process management


Supply Chain Management

Words: 393 (2 pages)

Business level strategy of Maruti-suzuki nd its competitor Primary Activities • Plants at Manesar & Gurgaon; 7600 employees • Partnership approach with all stakeholders FIRM • Annual General MeetingsINFRASTRUCTURE • IR Cell • Production Management System aimed at achieving manufacturing supremacy through Japanese principles of 5S, 3G & 3K • Major component of variable pay…

RFID Summary – RIFF Technology

Information Technology


Supply Chain

Words: 371 (2 pages)

Also says the REID was invented on the ass’s but it reaches a real success and implementation on the 9(Yes and how many companies like Microsoft and Oracle start investing in it. Later on the 21st century the prices of the Riffs decreased considerably allowing their implementation on a wide range of business. Wall- Mart…

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What is the best explanation of logistics?
Logistics is the overall process of managing how resources are acquired, stored, and transported to their final destination.
What is the main goal of logistics?
The main goal of logistics management is to get the best and effective ways to transfer the resources and products from first place to destiny and the customer. The main steering aspect of these activities is to satisfy customer demand and offer the suitable deal possible to hold the customers and reach new ones.
Why logistics is important in our life?
Each day, millions of goods travel billions of miles through precise transportation networks in order to reach their final consumers in a timely manner. If not for the rapid and efficient nature of logistics, customers might have to settle for purchasing goods past their prime.

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