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Child Development – Social Research

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In a typical four year old child, many social developments can be viewed. Four year old children are more independent of adults, but yet they seem to want attention from them, as well as peers. They begin to ask permission and they find that the like to have an adult nearby. A child at this age tends to find companionship with the same sex friends, yet best friends change often. During cooperative play they use a lot of verbal speech. A four year old child is able to play alone, yet they will start to play games.

Many changes can be viewed when comparing a three year old with a four year old.

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Child Development – Social Research
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Robert Disanto has shown many social development skills. Robert enjoys spending time with his peers. Sometimes, Robert watches his peers to see whether or not what he is doing is right; as shown in Kates letter “B” lesson on 3/7. Robert has shown that he enjoys Tyler’s company in Lindsey’s nursery rhyme lesson on 3/14. In Katie’s lesson on 3/14 Robert shows that he also enjoys Justin’s presence as they danced together. On 3/14 Robert also shows that he likes parallel play when he says no to Kate when she asked him if she could play blocks with him. Robert only speaks to the teachers when he is asked a question or when he asks a question. He doesn’t tend to seek approval from the teachers or his peers. Overall he seems to have developed socially in many ways.

A typical four year old has also developed emotionally in many ways. Four year olds have a sense of humor and tend to help out and share with others. Other emotions start to show like fears, angers, jealousy, and sadness. Typical four year old starts to have bad dreams and they imagine creatures. Children at the age of four start to express their feelings more.

Robert has shown his emotions in many ways during my observations. On 3/7 Kate was teaching a lesson on “B” when Robert smiled and hopped uncontrollably. In another example on 4/11 in Melinda’s gross motor lesson, Robert scratched his head in confusion wondering what to do. These are all examples of a four year old child expressing their emotions.

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