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Christianity Reflection

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Christianity is one of the, if not the most, influential religions in the modern world today. The development of Christianity was faced with many changes and obstacles throughout its existence. The Christian church is a key factor in this development in Christianity. But along with the church, the life and role of Jesus Christ was a foundation in the development of Christianity. And certain events such as the Crusades played an essential role into the development of Christianity.

These are three of many, many things that were key to the growth of Christianity; each one of them having a significant role and contribution to the religion.

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Christianity Reflection
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The role of the Church was very crucial in relation to the development of Christianity. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church it says, “This indivisible gift of the Lord’s words and of the Holy Spirit who gives life to them in the hearts of believers has been received and lived by the Church from the beginning.

(Part III, The Prayer of the Church, Section 2767) What this section ideally means is the Church illustrates the thoughts of the Lord and the Holy Spirit. This is evident to the fact that the Church is essential for the development Christianity, the reason being that it is one of the many ways the words of the Lord are passed forth. Due preceding like this, over time the Church gained significant power. The church was not only root for moral laws and supported the arts and science of the Renaissance, but also the pure authority of God.

The authority and command the Church gained was strong enough to mold Christianity into a much well-known and spread religion. Jesus is to Christianity as Thomas Edison is to the light bulb. Jesus’ influence on the development of Christianity is evident throughout his life. He lived his life as a preacher; he shared many thoughts he used portray his belief in the religion. Jesus carved out the pathway for Christianity with his teachings. Many conservatices believe that God sent Jesus, his son, to earth in order to develop his ideas into a religion that would separate itself from others.

The death of Jesus was ultimately the major factor that developed Christianity into a religion. The Crusades also played an important role into the development of Christianity. The First Crusades was a conflict between the Roman Catholics and Muslim Conquests. The goal of the Crusades was to not only serve as an appeal for the Byzantine Empire, but also to regain Jerusalem. The influence the Crusades mainly had was the expansion Christianity in terms of its development. The knights and peasants of Europe aimed to free the Eastern Christians from Islamic rule and in exchange, spread their belief.

The conflict served as a development for Christianity because it was one of the first religious wars fought and was key to spreading throughout the word. All in all the development of Christianity can be seen through many stages; but it is evident through the Church, the life of Jesus, and the First Crusades. Each of these things influenced the religion in a unique way and serve to develop it. From the influence and power of the church to the conflicts of religion, Christianity was developed and continued to develop through next few centuries.

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