Catholic Church vs Methodist Church

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As a child, I was quite confused about the concept of was believing in God and praying- nothing more, nothing less. As I grew older I realized the reason of my state of confusion- I was practicing was raised a Catholic while my father had been raised a Protestant in the United Methodist Church. I was christened in the Catholic church and I attended a Catholic institute for my first year of school. I studied and took part in the Catholic teachings at school as well as attended mass with my family on Saturday nights.

The church with my family in a completely different building- the United Methodist Church. I never really questioned this religious lifestyle but I between the two customs of worship. A couple of years Protestant and I have been a member of the United that I am older, I can significantly see the differences between Protestantism and Whenever I step into a Catholic church, the first the building and the artwork that adorns the ceilings spacious and contains rows and rows of seats that accommodate a large crowd. I noticed that in behind each row of seats were padded bars on parts of the service.

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In contrast to the United Methodist Church, there are a number of statues that surround the church including a statue of crucifix with Jesus on it is positioned in the center of the front wall- the focal point within the church. Throughout the church, a number of windows allow the light from outside to enter.

The lighting in the church is quite dim. From this, a solemn and humble setting is felt. I’ve been to a lot of Catholic masses and it seems as as identical as the next one. The people seem to simultaneously say and perform gestures (the sign of the cross) without even thinking. I noticed how concentrated the older people were as they participated in the worship.

The service choir situated in the back of the church began the songs and the people would repeat the verse. I thought the choir sang very harmoniously. I service when the choir would sing. I believe that the most important part of the worship The people who took part in the Eucharist looked very receiving the blood and body of Christ, these people prayed intensely on their knees. I did not participate in this part of the service because I didn’t feel comfortable for the United Methodist beliefs about Communion are quite different It was not hard for me to follow the sequence of the to other churches before and I pretty much knew what as I could in the service. I sang and I prayed but I was not able to recite the short phrases and make the gestures within the service.

I did not feel lost nor confused but I did feel as if other people knew that I wasn’t Catholic because I didn’t fully participate in the service. Unfamiliar surroundings can never really be welcome as I thought I would be. It seemed as if the God and didn’t exactly acknowledge anyone else. I participate, instead I felt I should try to participate. I didn’t receive the warm reception that I see at my church. In some ways, I felt out of place but I didn’t let that feeling get in Between the Catholic church and the United Methodist differences than similarities.

The structure of worship is quite similar but the manner at which it was performed is very different. The only “Our Father.” The arrangement of the building is also similar as well as the music played. Another similarity is the Priest of the church and the however I have been a member of a church where the After understanding both worship services, I am able Nowadays it seems as if people go to church for the go at all.

For me, church is a very important factor in my life. I go to church not only to talk with God, that can be done basically anywhere. I and friends- to be a part of a community of people. I strengthened when I see my family praying together. In addition, experiencing a different religion enables me to learn about the different personally enlightening my spirituality.

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