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Civil Penalties for Copyrigh

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I personally will not be able to enjoy being compensated for my work Just because it is available, doesn’t make it right Time that spent composing it is for none, since I can’t be compensated Hard work to make it original, took time and my own money will not be reimbursed by anyone Civil suit against all involved Just as it is easy to find and download illegally, so is to find out who did it Civil penalties for copyright infringement While there were several things that were violated.

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Civil Penalties for Copyrigh
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The one that is more obvious is that copyrighted things were taken without permission. I worked hard to make sure that my song was original, and one of a kind. My own funds were used to make it possible. Since I used my own money for it, I expected people to buy the song so could recoup my cost, and possible make a profit with it. Copyright infringement was violated when PEP networks gave the song away without money coming to me, or having my consent.

The law provides certain remedies for copyright infringement. The court may choose to impound the computers which were involved . That being said anything that was used or can be attributed to the original belong to me. If no money was charged by the individual who made it possible then it will be a civil suit . In addition, when it is a civil case; the defendant has to reimburse the plaintiff and pay two times the license fee . So it would be more beneficial to obtain it legally the first time. That way all the legal matters could be avoided.

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