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Essay – The Sniper

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The sniper was about a young soldier in Ireland during the civil war. The young soldier is hiding out on a rooftop when he decides to light a cigarette and suddenly hears gunshots. It came from the other side of the street. It was an informer. During the story a woman and a man gets killed by this informer and the sniper gets hurt. The sniper waits out till morning and tricks him. He kills the informer and he is free to go.

The informer’s body hits the ground, and the sniper feels the urge to see who he has just killed. He walks down to where the body lays, turns him, and sees his brothers face.

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Essay – The Sniper
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The setting I would say is in the middle of an attack. While reading you feel like you’re there while it is happening. The sniper alone on a rooftop lights a cigarette and suddenly hears gunshots. He finds out he is not alone.

It is very dramatic, how the story evolves. The old woman getting killed, the sniper getting hurt, the informer dying and the sniper finding out it was his brother.

There are two main characters in the story, the sniper and the informer. We find out much more about the sniper than the informer. The sniper is a Republican. His face is like a student, thin and prepared for sacrifice. His eyes shine with the cold light of a fanatic, dead and thoughtful, the eyes of a man who is used to looking at death. So we know that he is a soldier, who has seen many people die. Maybe this is what he uses like fuel to keep going, to not let anyone get in his way.

We don’t get much information about the informer. I would say he is ruthless, he doesn’t fear anything and would do everything to stay alive. I feel he is a bit like his brother here, the sniper. He had no fear in what he was doing and neither did he.

We see everything through the Republican’s eyes, third person. He explains what happens and how it is happening. I think it makes it a much better story because of this. You can relate more to the story when it is told through.

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