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Kanye West is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur and fashion designer. I was confused when I found out that he wanted to meet Donald Trump. I also heard that he supported Trump’s choices and actions. Then he said he said “slavery was a choice.” To me, Donald Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again” means that he want America to go back to slavery. Trump already said he wants to kick all immigrants out and ship them back home. I don’t see how you can get more racist than that. And for him to be the 45th president, that just goes to show that racism is still alive in America.

Kanye claims he has mental health problems, but I just think he is in the sunken place. For him to praise somebody like Donald Trump shows how ignorant he is. I feel that he disrespects African- Americans by the way that he worships Trump. He even said that Harriet Tubman shouldn’t be on the $20 dollar bill. Someone who helped his ancestors get out the most horrifying time in history. When Kanye met with Donald Trump in the Oval Office, that was one of the most saddest videos I’ve ever seen. Kanye said, “ It was something about when I put this hat on, it made me feel like superman.” He was talking about the MAGA hat. Kanye has drawn huge criticism in the past for his advocacy of getting rid of the amendment to the Constitution that prohibits slavery. It apparently hasn’t curbed his desire to see the amendment repealed. Here’s how West explained it with Trump on Thursday: ‘If you’re building a floor, the constitution is the base of our industry, right, of our country, of our company. Would you build a trap door that if you mess up and you accidentally something happens, you fall and you end up next to the Unabomber?’

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Trump had high praise for criminal justice reforms in Texas and Georgia, which in recent years have seen falling crime rates even as they reduced their prison populations. “They really have done a tremendous job with reform,” he said. If Kanye were a middle-class, 40-year-old black man living in Chicago who never blew up as a rapper, he would not be taking selfies in a Make America Great Again hat, a phrase that is a dog whistle to racists. This is not to say every Trump supporter is a racist, but anyone who supports the President, including Kanye, clearly doesn’t see the problem with the President’s racism or sexism.

In conclusion, I believe that Donald Trump is using Kanye West for attention. Kanye humiliates himself every time he praises Donald Trump. In their last meeting, Kanye said that he loved Donald Trump, the same man who wants to build a wall to keep immigrants out of America. The same man who called women horse face, or lowlife. Women who came out to spoke about getting raped. If he doesn’t support them, why would he support you.

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