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Explain how the DUP dominates Unionism




Words: 1377 (6 pages)

It could be argued that the UUP has been unsuccessful in mounting any challenge to the DUP. The DUP remains the dominant unionist party, and it has been since 2003. It was founded in the 1970s by Ian Paisley and was based on the principles of implacable opposition to nationalism and opposition to any weakening…

No to Philippine Govt’s Proposal to Expand VAT Rat




Words: 353 (2 pages)

eThe Philippine government has no moral authority to collect taxes. This government has no moral authority to collecttaxes because it has failed miserably in its mostbasic of functions which is to deliver services tothe people. A government collects taxes from its people based onthe premise that it uses these funds to provideservices for the people….

Assignment 5 Answers

Criminal Law



Words: 1802 (8 pages)

Police officers rent a motel room adjoining Mary Wanna’s room and conduct surveillance of her conversations by pressing their ears against the common wall. The walls are thin and they are able to hear everything Mary says. Does this violate the Fourth Amendment? Explain. 10pts In United States v. Jackson, the Supreme Court ruled there…

Is Government Dominated by Big Business


Words: 921 (4 pages)

The point that disgusts many people Is that more often hen not money overpowers the right decision; that Is why Big Business Is a problem. The richer the companies and organizations, the better chance they have to persuade the government officials. In the United States alone there are thousands of special Interest groups working for…

Theodore Roosevelt Biography


United States

Words: 1903 (8 pages)

On October 27, 1858, in New York Martha Bulloch Roosevelt gave birth to Theodore Roosevelt, her second child and first son. He was named after his father, Theodore Sr., and was sometimes called Thee or Teedie as a nickname. He was a seventh generation Roosevelt. As a child and throughout his lifetime, Theodore suffered from…

Some people think that the government



Words: 474 (2 pages)

Some people think that the government should provide unemployed people with a free mobile phone and free access to the internet to help them find Jobs. Unemployment is one of the most controversial issues of our time. It is a serious problem which needs to be addressed with urgency. Some people suggest that the government…

Federal Government Pension


Words: 439 (2 pages)

There was a little bit of a controversy between state powers and federal powers. The state powers were more Limited as to oppose the federal, being that an actual Call War broke out. There needed to be a common ground made on the quality of having independent authority over territory whether it could be found…

Assignment writing guide uq




Words: 469 (2 pages)

The company has offices in the European Union and wants to ensure that it avoids locations of E. IS. Data protection laws. What steps can the company take to increase the likelihood that its hotlist reporting system remains in compliance? To start with, all parties should be brushed up on existing laws and regulations and…

Franklin Delano Roosevelt


United States

World War II

Words: 3285 (14 pages)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is among the most remembered U.S. Presidents. Serving as President for more than twelve years, he was the only President to be elected four times. Roosevelt led the United States through its worst depression and its worst war. He tried his best to stay optimistic with our country and the decisions he…

American Government Final Reflection Sample



Words: 1135 (5 pages)

The intent of this paper is intended to sum up my positions on what has influenced my apprehension of political relations and authorities prior to taking this category. and how my apprehension is now since finishing this class. Pre Reflection/Position My apprehension of political relations and authorities prior to taking American Government came from my…

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