Islamic State Like Pakistan

Co-education: a big No! Co-education is the education system where both of the sexes, males and females, study together at one place; a school college or a university. Co-education has Its own disadvantages especially In an Islamic State Like Pakistan, where people have a very conservative set of mind. Numerous Individuals are of the perspective point that being In a co-education framework both of the genders overcome their shyness and it helps them built up their confidence. Unfortunately, this is something which is not true. Students often resist asking questions in class because they fear that they if hey ask a silly question it may spoil their reputation in front of the opposite sex. This leaves the students with a feeble grasp on the subject and it may prompt further disarrays in future. Moreover, it is a very natural behavior that the opposite genders attract each other.

Some males and females might not be able to control it and they indulge in unhealthy relationships. This may divert them from the right way and the sole reason of being In an Institution that is to study Is ruined. Co-education is brimmed with real world problems. Females face the same kind of gender pressure that they have In real life. They are silently facing “You are a girl” statement from the males around them. A statement which states: you are a girl and you are not as equal as boys.

This breeds gender discrimination right from the start where you are being prepared for the real world. It is considered here in Pakistan that co-education is immoral. Numerous times, some topics arise in class rooms which cannot be discussed openly in the presence of both the sexes. In such situations if that topic is discussed it may cause discomfort amongst both the genders or in some cases the discussion may get out of limits depending upon the nature of the topic.

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