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To answer this question effectively and without judgment, we must first define and understand what both careers are. Per the US National Library of Medicine/National Institute of Health (PMC), an Educator is an individual who plays many major roles and can be considered as a teacher or an administrator. An educator’s focus is to educate, and the task, if accepted, is to communicate academically, ethically, and socially instruct students to learn. To become an Educator, you must have attended college, and received their degree in education, in either Early, Middle, or Secondary Education. When you become an educator, your emphasis will be to effectively instill knowledge to your students and follow the required procedures set by the school system. Educators must frequently test their students. In doing so, they are monitoring how well the student’s ability to retain, then recite information when tested. PMC, also believes, for an educator to be effective, he/she must present a demeanor that requires respect and the student’s undivided attention. An Educator must teach a curriculum that impacts both the learning experience and increase the motivation, which in turn contributes to the students’ success (PMC). An Educator must remember that the inquisitive minds of a student takes in more if they are intrigued; for an example field trips, speakers, group/team assignments, fresh creative ideas, and a positive learning environment can often determine the success of the student. And finally, an educator will definitely play an important role in the lives of their students. He/she will leave a lasting impression, some will have become, the student’s role model, yet all will benefit from the educator’s knowledge.

The US National Library of Medicine/National Institute of Health stated that coaches also play a major role, they “teach” and train athletes. Most school systems does not require coaches to have any formal training; However, to be a better coach, some will have taken several courses in college. Also they will sign up for coaching clinics provided by veteran coaches. One of the most notable differences between an Educator and Coach is that a coach has more freedom on how to lead. For example, they may strictly focus on skill development aggressively; however, in my opinion, a great coach focus on and develops teamwork. Per, coaches need to be an Assessor and Advisor, Role Model, Mentor, and a Cheerleader. One of his/her responsibilities is to provide a practice plan that identifies ways prepare their athletes for readiness, and preparation to win, Coaches will have to be able to motivate athletes.

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I can conclude, that coaches are teachers within their area of expertise. Coaches play an important role in preparing individuals for sports., emphasizes the concept of coaching as being a catalyst for assisting an athlete in achieving their own goals and make the most of their potential. Coaching involves overseeing an individual, but most often a group of athletes. Coaches will provide feedback on their athlete’s performance and correct all areas of deficiencies. Coaches, like Educators, must always develop new ways to get their athlete or student to respond in a way they all will benefit the most. A coach must establish an environment that is conducive to learning. And sometimes aggressively motivate his/her athlete not to just settle but reach deep down to accomplish their goals. Finally, they must instill in them a winner’s mentality and promote good sportsmanship.

So, I can definitively say, I do not think a coach should be expected to teach. However, he/she is teaching in a capacity to make an athletic bigger and better. A coach is a leader, mentor, role model, an authoritative figure and they are strong disciplinaries. They mode athletes into the next LBJ, Drew Brees, Serena William. Coaches indirectly test their athletes by way of competition, and the end results determines, how successful, his/her message was in practice. Coaches are evaluated by the success of their athletes, and coaches hold their athletes accountable for their own success. While I do not think a coach should have to teach, they do have a strong demeanor, demand for respect, and yes being the most popular person in the school doesn’t hurt. So Definitively, they would be perfect candidate, if they choose to teach.

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