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Combining forms, suffixes, prefixes, & terms

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    Term Definition
    abdomin/o abdomen
    acr/o extremities, top, extreme point
    acu/o sharp, sudden, severe
    aden/o gland
    adip/o fat
    amni/o amnion (sac surrounding the embryo in the uterus)
    angi/o vessel
    arteri/o artery
    arthr/o joint
    axill/o armpit
    bi/o life
    blephar/o eyelid
    bronch/o bronchial tubes
    carcin/o cancer
    cardi/o heart
    chem/o chemical, drug
    chondr/o cartilage
    chron/o time
    col/o large intestine, colon
    cyst/o urinary bladder
    encephal/o brain
    erythr/o red
    hem/o blood
    hepat/o liver
    hydr/o fluid, water
    inguin/o groin
    isch/o to hold back
    lapar/o abdomen, abdominal wall
    laryng/o voice box, larynx
    leuk/o white
    lymph/o lymph
    mamm/o breast
    mast/o breast
    morph/o shape, form
    muc/o mucus
    my/o muscle
    myel/o spinal cord, bone marrow
    necr/o death (of cells or the whole body)
    nephr/o kidney
    neur/o nerves
    neutr/o neutrophil (type of WBC)
    nucle/o nucleus
    Ophthalmo/o eye
    oste/o bone
    ot/o ear
    path/o disease
    peritone/o peritoneum
    phag/o eat, swallow
    phleb/o vein
    pleur/o pleura
    pneumon/o lungs
    pulmon/o lungs
    radi/o x-rays
    rect/o rectum
    ren/o kidney
    sarc/o flesh, muscle
    splen/o spleen
    staphyl/o clusters
    strept/o twisted chains
    thorac/o chest
    thromb/o clot, clotting
    tonsill/o tonsils
    trache/o trachea, windpipe
    ven/o vein
    -algia pain
    -cele hernia
    -centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
    -coccus (singular)
    -cocci (plural)
    berry shaped bacterium
    -cyte cell
    -dynia pain
    -ectomy to cut out, remove, resection
    -emia blood condition
    -genesis condition of producing, formation of
    -gram record
    -graph instrument for making a recording
    -graphy the process of recording
    -itis inflammation
    -logy study of
    -lysis breakdown, separation, destruction
    -malacia softening
    -megaly enlargement
    -oma tumor, mass, collection of fluid
    -opsy to view
    -osis abnormal condition
    -pathy disease condition
    -penia deficiency, lack of
    -phobia fear
    -plasia development, formation, growth
    -plasty surgical repair
    -ptosis sagging, drooping, prolapse
    -sclerosis hardening
    -scope instrument used for visual examinations
    -scopy the process of visually examining something
    -stasis controlling, stopping
    -stomy new opening
    -therapy treatment
    -tomy to cut into, incision
    -trophy development, nourishment
    -er one who
    -ia condition
    -ist specialist, MD
    -ole small, little
    -ule little, small
    structure, tissue
    -us structure, substance
    -y condition, process
    pertaining to
    -al pertaining to
    -ar pertaining to
    -ary pertaining to
    -eal pertaining to
    -genic pertaining to producing, produced by or produced in
    pertaining to
    -oid resembling, derived from
    -ose pertaing to, full of
    -ous pertaining to
    -tic pertaining to
    abdominocentesis surgical puncture to remove fluid from the abdomen
    achondroplasia No (improper) development of cartilage
    acromegaly Enlargement of extremities
    acrophobia Fear of heights.
    agoraphobia Fear of being in open, crowded spaces (marketplace)
    acute sudden onset
    adenoids Collections of lymphatic tissue resembling (-oid) glands (-aden) in the throat, type of tonsil.
    adipose pertaining to fat
    aminocentesis surgical puncture to remove fluid from the aminionic sac
    anemia lack of RBCs or of hemoglobin
    angiography Process of recording (x-ray imaging) blood vessels
    angiogenesis Formation of blood vessels.
    angioplasty surgical repair of a vessel
    arteriole small artery
    arteriosclerosis hardening of the arteries
    arthralgia pain in a joint
    atrophy No development; wasting away of tissue.
    axillary pertaining to the armpit
    basophil type of WBC that stains blue with a base dye
    biopsy to examine cells or tissue under a microscope
    blepharoptosis sagging or drooping eyelids
    bronchitis inflammation of the bronchial tubes
    carcinogenesis Condition of producing cancer
    carcinogenic Pertaining to producing cancer
    cardiac pertaining to the heart
    cardiomyopathy disease of the heart muscle
    chemotherapy treatment using chemicals or drugs
    chondromalacia softening of the cartilage
    chronic Long-term; over a long period
    colostomy new opening to the colon
    cystocele hernia of the urinary bladder
    electroencephalogram record of the brain’s electrical activity
    electroencephalograph the instrument used to make a record of the brain’s electrical activity
    electroencephalography process of using the instrument to make a recording of the brain’s electrical activity
    eosinophil WBC that strains red with a dye
    erythrocyte red blood cell
    erythropenia deficiency of red blood cell
    esophagus Muscular tube carrying food from the throat to the stomach
    hematoma collection of blood
    hemolysis breakdown of blood
    hemostasis stopping blood flow
    hydronephrosis Abnormal condition of water (found) in the kidney
    hydrotherapy treatment using water
    hypertrophy Excessive development
    inguinal groin region
    ischemia groin
    laparoscope instrument used to view inside the abdomen
    laparoscopy the process of viewing inside the abdomen
    laparotomy to cut into the abdomen
    laryngeal larynx, voice box
    laryngectomy removal of the larynx
    leukemia cancerous white blood cell condition
    leukocyte white blood cell
    leukocytosis Abnormal condition (slight increase in numbers) of normal white blood cells
    lymphocyte white blood cell that is responsible for immune reactions
    mammogram record of the breast tissue
    mastectomy removal of 1 or both of the breast
    metastasis Beyond control; spreading of a cancerous tumor
    monocyte large white blood cell that eats foreign material
    morphology study of a shape (cell)
    mucoid resembling mucus
    myalgia muscle pain
    myelitis inflammation of the spinal cord
    myeloma tumor of bone marrow
    myoma muscle tumor
    myosarcoma malignant tumor of muscle
    necropsy Autopsy or postmortem examination
    necrosis abnormal condition of death (of cells), decay
    necrotic death
    nephrologist specialist in the treatment of the kidneys
    nephropathy disease of the kidney
    neuralgia nerve pain
    neutropenia deficiency of neutrophils
    neutrophil type of white blood cell that eat bacteria
    ophthalmology study of the eyes
    osteogenic produced in bone
    osteomalacia softening of the bone
    otalgia ear ache
    paracentesis surgical puncture to remove fluid from the abdomen
    pathogenesis condition of producing disease
    pathologic pertaining to the study of disease
    pericardium membrane that surrounds the heart
    peritoneal Pertaining to the peritoneum
    phlebotomy incision into a vein
    platelet clotting cell
    pleural Pertaining to the pleura
    pleurodynia pain in the pleura
    pneumonia pertaining to the lungs
    polymorphonuclear leukocyte white blood cell with a nucleus that has multiple lobes
    ptosis drooping, sagging, falling forward
    pulmonary pertaining to lungs
    radiographer person that operates x-ray equipment
    radiotherapy treatment using radiation
    rectocele hernia of the rectum
    splenomegaly enlargement of the spleen
    staphylococci cluster shapes of berry shaped bacteria
    streptococcus twisted chains of bacterium
    thoracentesis surgical puncture of the thorax to remove fluid
    thrombocyte clotting cell, platelet
    thrombocytopenia deficiency of platelets, clotting cells
    thrombophlebitis inflammation of a vein due to a clot
    tonsillar pertaining to the tonsils
    tonsillitis inflammation of the tonsils
    tracheostomy new opening of the trachea
    tracheotomy to cut the trachea
    venule small vein

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