Comparison Of Apollo From The Portonaccio Temple

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Aule MeteleComparison of Apollo from the Portonaccio Temple and Aule MeteleThough the figures are not far from each other is height comparison, they seem to contain a distinct amount of difference in other aspects. First of all, they were made from different materials. While the Apollo statue is terracotta, the Aule Metele is of bronze. Generally speaking, the Apollo statue appears in a very symbolical manner in that his features are not well defined in detail while the Aule Metele displays a type of inspiring complexity with detail. The Apollo statue consists of a garment that is shown in a pattern like manner. The robe does not display realism but symbolism due to its lack of variation in the folds. The Aule Metele however, shows a great deal of realism in the drooping folds and twisted shoulder strap. It looks as though the material is in fact freely moving and could be manipulated. The muscle structure of the Apollo statue also displays a great deal of generalization.

The limbs are robust and irregularly plump in areas as can be seen in the calf area of the right leg. The Aule Metele displays a great deal of understanding of muscle as well as bone structure in the limbs as can be seen in the edges created in the extended right arm of the figure. In terms of head and neck features, the figures seem to be most distant. While the Apollo statue has a large smile on his face, the Metele has an expression of stern seriousness. The Apollo statue has no more facial detail than cheekbones roughly instilled. The Metele shows complete understanding of the human muscle and bone structure in the face. The cheek lines surrounding the face of the Metele seem to be a fairly new innovation in work of its time and the wrinkles of the forehead create a very effective compliment to the raised eyebrows. The hair of the Apollo seems patterned and rope-like while the hair of the Metele was undoubtfully skillfully constructed in a careful method to produce the realistic affect.

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