Hindu Temple Visit Reflection Essay

I visit The Bhartiya Temple on almost every festival. It is located in Troy, MI. For this assignment I decided to go on a normal day instead of Festival. Since I went on a normal day, there weren’t many people and the place looked more clean and more nice and open. As a Hindu, I know dressed appropriately so that I can comfortably and with decency sit on the carped floor. I made sure to wear loose fitting clothing which covers most of your legs. Once I entered the building I was told to remove my shoes and place them in the shoe racks.

Before entering the Prayer Hall, it’s not necessary but is recommended to wash hands so they are all clean. During the prayers, the head priest did the mantras. He would have us join him we would clap and sing with him. Once the prayer was over, it was time for the aarti. Aarti is ritual of worship and is part of the prayers. We all sang the aarti together and after the aarti, they brought Prasad a sweet pudding to the people who were sitting in the prayer hall.

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Hindu Temple Visit Reflection
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After exiting the prayer hall, I was greeted by many new people who go to the temple every day. Afterwards, we decided to head to canteen to have a meal. Over all this visit was very different from the one on festival day. This visit was very pleasant and went very well. It was very quiet and very calm day at the temple since there were only about 40 to 50 people there. On festival we have about 1000 people come to the temple. After seeing how quiet and calm it is, I have decided to go to temple on normal days as well as the festival days.

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