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Compassion Fatigue Essay

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Compassion fatigue is created by empathy. This is from caring for individuals suffering from something. “Compassion Fatigue happens by helping individuals that are in in pain or suffering or any animal; it is a condition that interferes when someone is dealing with pain and those who are being helped, this can create secondary traumatic stress among someone who is helping them.” Dr. Charles Figley. People experience tragedy, bad events, for example, divorce, a love one passing, not having a home because of a fire or flood, a loss of a patient.

Human Services Professionals lose focus on counseling themselves about their self-care concerning symptoms or signs. As expressed in an article in psychology today it says the research has shown positive attitudes toward life an example of this would be self-confidence, being curious, focusing on being positive and feeling of acknowledged could be looked at being cooperative but also kind traumatize people.

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Compassion Fatigue
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Characteristics that evolve could create compassion fatigue. After putting my whole heart into assisting the Riverez family there is a chance I could come into contact secondary traumatic stress.

Watching this family struggle and trying to the family together, with pain and distress, which the needs and wants need to be answered. Encountering traumatic stress, Mr. Rivereze was shot in front of f his family. Human Services professionals would be a service to help form a support system for the family, but I also see myself going above and beyond to help Julio’s family become a whole family again. If I fail at working on self-care as I work though this family’s case, I will acknowledge their needs and how to deal with them.

To decrease compassion fatigue, becoming resilience would have a major role with assisting practitioners who deal with stress. It has been said that resilience is to be a common occurrence with social workers Collins (2007). If social workers the utilize resilience, it could balance stress related to the job by observing it but also create social and emotional competencies, which is more resilient to stress. Many companies with diseased conditions stop social workers from succeeding. Working on the Riverez family case they certainly need a social worker that can work with stress, due to what the family has went through with heartache trying to succeed by themselves. To keep away from negative responses to traumatic experience to which it can assist in building resilience by putting early intervention strategies into action.

The aspect to my conclusion is self-care is dealing with obligations along with not enough energy can emerge vulnerable for myself or someone else. When it comes to a self-care plan, one size will fit all, everyone of use establish our own plan to deal with on their own. Every one of us are born different. We have been own challenges in life along with different stressors, to handle on our own. These are impacts we battle every day in our lives.

It is important to do healthy practices for me is to find the help I may need when it comes to an issue that can make me overwhelmed, developing healthy habits, finding ways to balance my feelings, like becoming calm or doing yoga to help take the stress away. I will set boundaries and find a way to balance my personal life and identify my needs.

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