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In an electronic spreadsheet, you need to manually recalculate when you change the entries.
An Excel workbook has the file extension .xml.
Charts are updated automatically in Excel whenever data changes.
You are in Edit mode any time you are entering or changing the contents of a cell.
Arguments are Excel’s built-in formulas.
You use formulas in Excel to perform calculations such as adding, multiplying, and averaging.
Page Layout View focuses on how the worksheet will look when printed.
When the paper orientation is set on landscape, the contents will print across the width of the page.
In Page Layout view, the dotted line indicates the print area.
A named range may begin a letter or number.
You can use a named range instead of a cell address in a formula.
An electronic ____ is an application you use to perform numeric calculations and to analyze and present numeric data.
In Excel, the electronic spreadsheet you work in is called a ____.
In Excel, a worksheet is contained in a file called a ____.
You can use pre-designed, formatted files called ____ to create new worksheets quickly.
You can use a spreadsheet to ____ by using variable values to investigate and sample different outcomes.
create what-if scenarieos
____ below the worksheet grid let you switch from sheet to sheet in a workbook.
sheet tabs
All Excel formulas begin with the ____.
equal sign (=)
The Excel operator for exponent is ____.
carrot (^)
The Excel operator for division is ____
A(n) ____ is an entry in a cell that contain text such as “2011 Sales” or “Travel Expenses.”
A(n) ____ is a built-in formula that uses arguments to calculate information.
Excel recognizes an entry as a value if it is a number or it begins with ____.
You can use the ____ key(s) on the keyboard to navigate a worksheet.
To quickly jump to the first cell in a worksheet press ____.
To quickly jump to the last cell in a worksheet press _____.
You can edit the contents of the active cell by ____.
just start typing
In a worksheet, the ____ is called the formula prefix.
equal sign (=)
____ operators perform mathematical calculations such as adding and subtracting.
Possible paper orientations for printing a worksheet are landscape and ____.
The ____ option helps fit the data on a single page without making changes to individual margins.
You can use the ______________ slider on the status bar to enlarge your view of specific areas of your worksheet.
You can change, or ________, the contents of an active cell at any time.
A dark rectangle that outlines the cell in which you are working
cell pointer
Provides a brief description of the active command or task in progress
status bar
Identified by the coordinates of the intersecting column and row
cell address
Displays the active cell address
name box
Work done in a virtual environment
cloud computing

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