A Quick Guide to Getting Hired and Job Application Form

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The three things that I think are important are to know the job description, the job responsibilities, and the job qualifications. These things help one to weigh himself or herself and know whether one is suitable for the position they are applying for. For example, being a waitress requires a very hospitable person who will manage to handle everyone regardless of their culture or ethnic group.

Being a waitress as I have stated previously require a person who knows how to handle everyone who comes in the restaurant or the place of work to be offered a service. There was this situation where the workers of the restaurant did not appreciate the clients who came to be served. As I know with restaurant, the customer’s needs to feel much comfortable so that they appreciate the services that one is offering them. Particularly by welcoming the customers through greetings when they enter the restaurant is one simple way of making them comfortable and free to ask for any service.

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The customer usually feels recognized, and part of the place they are and they stay comfortable. It makes them open up what they feel like eating especially for those who visit the restaurant without making their mind of what they want. I have witnessed such instances where the customer just enters the restaurant and when they see that no one is up to them, they just wake up and went away. This is mainly because they feel strange and see everyone as a stranger to them. But through my effort I took an action and talked to the manager that I always see it good to welcome customers when they enter the restaurant. Before implementing, I just told him I will try it alone and see whether it will work.

At the end of a week, I had made many daily basis customers who came asking for me to serve them simply because they felt free with me. The manager called a meeting and talked to all the waiters and waitress and talked to them about it. After one month of consistency by offering such hospitability, the results were impressive, and there was a change with the number of customers coming to the enterprise and sales improved.

Being a team of workers produces good results than working alone. For example, in a restaurant the primary goal is to make more customers so that to increase the daily sales. I had worked as a team by being a waitress though there was no good relationship among workers. There was a situation where everyone was working more individually, and we did not have a place where we met rather than during work time. This did not create a culture of togetherness. I tried making more friends with my fellow workers such that I almost was a friend to everyone. When you have a colleague in the place of work one feel safe since you can ask for help whenever you need it. After I had recognized the benefit of teamwork, I took an action and talked to the majority of the workers so that we join and work as a team. I also talked to the branch manager so that he can at least plan for a day that we should meet out of work so that we can get to know one another.

The manager strongly agreed where he announced that during one weekend we were supposed to meet. We met, and everyone was happy where we had a bit of fun and knew one another. From there we started meeting frequently, and new workers were introduced to our family where they felt safe. Even the way we handled our customers was good since we were happy always by knowing that we are all the same, and our objective was one. The results were evident as the sales of the restaurant increased since people tend to be productive when they have a feeling of safety and belonging that is achieved through teamwork.

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