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   Hardware components are the components through which information is displayed on the screen - Computer Literacy Essay introduction. The main hardware components involved in the use of internet are:-

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The hardware components mentioned above helps in access of computer such as CPU contains various electronic components required to run the computer, same as MEMORY helps to store huge amount of information and network helps to interconnect one computer with another though the LAN. This all components jointly required for access of internet.

                             Software components consist of programs which help in performing the task with the application of various software. The main components are:-

Managing the User interface
Implementing Business Logic
Managing User Request and Resource Allocation
Managing Data and Transactions
Same in respect of software component is that it is most visible to application users. It provides core business rules that are central to the application function. Provides optimized access to the data using indexes and memory cache.

                                  A computer network is composed of multiple connected computers that communicate through wire or wireless medium to share data and information. The hardware components used for the access of internet includes telephone connection, an internet connection, File Transfer Protocol. The software at the transmitting station must provide access control, priority queuing, sending and encapsulating of the data. The network used can be of various types depending upon the coverage of area. They are:-

Personal Area Network: It is the network used for communication among computer devices.

Local Area Network: A network covering small geographic area, like home office or building.

Campus Area Network: a network which contain two or more LANs but limited to a specific geographical area such as college campus.

Metropolitan Area Network: a network that connects two or more LANs but doesn’t extend beyond the boundaries of town, city.

Wide area Network: A network that covers relatively broad geographic areas i.e. from one country to another or one continent to another continent.

Global Area Network: It is the network of numbers of LANs, satellite coverage areas etc.

                             Hardware and software components affect the accessibility of World Wide ` Web. World Wide Web is a powerful tool for solving the problems. The Web provides sufficient scalability, efficiency, and utility and can be preserving by the development of core design components of the web.

                                   Many people use Internet and World Wide Web interchangeably but infact the two terms are not synonymous. Internet is the massive network of networks. It connects millions of computer together, forming a network in which any computer can communicate with any other as long as they both are connected with internet. The World Wide Web is a way of assessing information over the internet. It is a model created for information sharing that is built on the top of the internet. Web uses HTTP Protocol, only one language to be used to communicate data or transmit data. The main function of web to provide quick access to the required on the internet. The web pages are linked with each other with the help of hyperlinks. Web documents contains sounds, graphics, videos, text etc. the internet is used for e-mail, instant messaging etc to other persons in much quick time. Web is one way of information that is used by the user. Web is just a portion of Internet.

                                    Thus from above discussion it is very clear that hardware and software components are the basic ingredient for accessibility of net and helps in working or connecting of net or in other words helps to easily networking of the system.


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Dated 23rd September 2007


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