Why Computer Literacy should be in Schools 

The world is constantly changing with new technology, and this calls for kids to become more advanced. Lots of companies are using apps and programs that will help them, so if kids take a special class that will help them learn these programs. Kids in America are evolving and it will be a fantastic idea to put computer literacy in schools fine arts program.

To add computer literacy to schools, first, we have to know what computer literacy is. Computer literacy is a class that will help students learn how to type better. One way is the continuous typing in the class. Another way is that it can have typing races to improve their skills of typing. Computer literacy is learning how to access information and perform operations on a computer. Learning how to use a computer is an essential part of taking this class. Another essential part of this class is getting to know how to perform operations on the computer. Now that we know what computer literacy is; what it will teach is the important part.

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Computer literacy will teach important thing that a person should know how to do. One thing that it will teach is the basics of the computer. This will teach how to to do basic programming like how to code and stuff. Also, this will teach how computers work like the in’s and outs of a computer. Another thing that this class will teach is problem-solving. The reason that a person would need problem-solving in their daily life is so that person would know how to solve things they get stuck or having trouble doing things. And the reason it would help with using a computer is so that when the computer doesn’t do what that person wants it to do, that person can fix it. Computer literacy will teach essential things the people will nee in moving forward in the future.

Computer literacy will also help in the future. Many companies want people who know how to use a computer in the right way. Companies find it useful to find people who can program and use computers. Knowing how to program and use a computer increases a persons chance of finding a job. In fact “the demand for developer jobs is extremely high. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that this demand will grow by 22% by 2022”(https://www.businessinsider.com). There are programs that people don’t know how to use but companies need people to use those programs. Programs such as “Google Spreadsheets” help businesses organize their data. Also, businesses will need programs like “Google Slides” to present what they want. Businesses, as they grow will need people that can do these things, and by including this class into schools would help students in the future.

As kids evolve, computer literacy will help kids be more successful in the future. Computer literacy will teach students how to use a computer and use important programs on the computer. Also, computer literacy will help children in the future. Think about this, imagine all of the job offers a person could get by knowing how to use a computer.

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