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I have come to understand in the little time I have spent in the US that It is assumed that African Americans/ Blacks in general because i think they associate this stereotype with skin color are less intelligent or worldly. When someone is speaking to you and uses a term they assume you are unfamiliar with, they will give you the definition or explanation without you asking for it. If you wear your hair natural, some people will assume you are making a statement. Being natural is not making a statement; it is being true to who you are.

It is the same as having brown eyes or fat knees. You are expected to assimilate, as in lose your identity. It is annoying to a Black person for a White person who got a tan to tell you “I’m almost as dark as you now” What does that mean? It is annoying for someone to tell you how they were the only white people at a party or movie theater and how the experience was so different than their norm. African Americans at work are in that situation most of the time, e. g. , the only African American person at the meeting.

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If you own a nice expensive car- do not drive it to work, because people will think you are too well off and should not be doing better than they are doing. This may be prevalent with anyone, but it is a more prevalent attitude when it comes to what African Americans own. People in foreign countries are much more gracious than the US, but foreigners in the US are sometimes just as prejudice due to what they have heard and seen through White America. Don’t be so naive or ignorant of what the media, the justice system, and White America has done to young Black males.

Don’t assume I listen to Rap. It is a generation preference. I formed an African American networking group; don’t assume I am going to sue the company, and don’t make my life miserable because I want to be on the inside of job opportunities just like you are. When I am in a meeting with you, don’t ask me where are the refreshments, like it is my job to provide and get coffee. Don’t expect me to do something for you that you can do yourself; I am not your personal assistant.

That last straw is when you are used as a scapegoat for someone else’s incompetence. All things do not get resolved, as it is an ongoing occurrence, and I don’t have time to waste. Also, in Nigeria, it’s all about friends and family and being really close. But here, it’s all about work; that’s it. Everything is work work work, no family. It can feel really lonely,” said Kunle, who currently works in marketing and sales. I have this American roommate. She is shy and reserved and I feel like it isn’t normal of an American girl. I feelo like she should be m

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