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Cosmetic Surgery on Teenagers

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Teenagers and Comsetic Surgery Joyce Jenkins Com 150 May 30, 2010 Angela Robles Teenagers and Cosmetic Surgery In our society today, what our bodies look like is a big money making thing. Therefore, being a teenager and have plenty of money brings us to having cosmetic surgery done to our beautiful bodies. The three factors that teens should consider when getting cosmetic surgery are peer pressure, the credentials and reputation of the doctor and finally the cost.

The peer pressure that teenagers face in today society is very hardcore subject for them to deal with.

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Cosmetic Surgery on Teenagers
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The teenagers in high school see their classmate’s styles and the high price fashions. The cars they drive to school and the expense jewels. They see their best friends with big beasts and larger lips and there reared bigger. The teenagers look at supermodels on the television and want to look like them. Teens try to outdo one another due to peer pressure. They see different things in today society and want more and better things.

The teenager that I talked to want to be most beautiful then the next teenager and have everything has included money. They see price of cosmetic surgery is mom and dad problem to provide for them to have the surgery. The teenagers that did do research on the cosmetic surgery doctors did very little checking the background of the doctors that specialize in that field and the long term affects. They took the advice from their friends whom had the surgery did. The teens never talk to any other friends to find out if there were any problems affect the surgery.

The research I did consistence of looking at the license of the college they attend they attendance the rank of percentage in the class, follow up on internship and the hospital that they did the internship at and finally the patients that had surgery form by the doctor. The long-term affect form the surgery is very costly to patient. First injected only last for two years on the lips with follow up visits to check area for any disfigures. The surgery perform on the beast implant or injected.

The beast can start sagging after few years and require addition surgery or injected. The long-term affect on teenagers is very costly the teenager’s bodies are still growing up the age of twenty-five. Here is an example of cosmetic surgery gone badly. This teenager attend high school were my nieces attend. The teenager head surgery performs on her beast without her parent permission. She had to be rush to the emergency room because her body rejected the injected substance. Her side affects where an extremely high fever, vomiting hives and she also blacked out.

To explain how and when she got this procedure done, she told I that, her girlfriend that goes to school with her recommended the person that injected her to her. She had the same surgery done few months early and there were no problems. The teenager thought there would be no problem for her to have the same surgery perform on her. The surgery looks good and first few weeks there; no problems and the doctor did see her for one follow up visit. The service was bill to her parents insurance under scar on the girl stomach.

The teenager never told her parent anything until she started to get sick. Her parent lately checks in to surgery and finally sues the doctor. The parent ask there teenager why she felt that she needed that surgery done and she told them that she wanted the attend of the boys in her classes and that it made her feel beautiful to her classmates. This is prime example of cosmetic surgery going bad. Teenagers do not care are what they do to their bodies and how their bodies are not fully develop. There are teens getting cosmetic surgery at a young age and their body is not completely developed.

I had did some research on the human body, the human body is fully developed around the age of 25. Although teen make up 2 percent of cosmetic surgery patients in the United States, these have increased, according to the American Society of Plastic (ASPS). The number procedures performed on kids to 19 nearly doubled to 244,124 (including about 47,000 nose jobs and 9,000 breast augmentations) from 2002 to 2006. The finally cost of these procedures is very expensive to the insurance companies. The price scale begins at 2,000 dollars to 100’of thousand of dollars.

Most people cannot afford to have these surgeries done. Teenager go looking for a doctor who just want to make money and no questions ask after they perform the surgery and they disappear from the areas in matter of few months. The insurance companies out of the money and the parents cannot fine the doctor. The law enforcement have to investigate the complaints and look for the doctor to turn up some else. The FBI get involved and the search continue the United States and foreign countries too. The teenagers still try to have surgery done and look for other way to get the money and doctors to do the surgeries.

The peer pressures are still there and will always be there for them to face and deal with in every day manner. In this busy society, there will always be another doctor to continue to done the surgeries and move on to next city and do the same there. Teenagers will pay the price for the surgeries and the long term affects to. Cosmetic Surgery is big thing and no matter what we do or how we look. We as parents must tell our children today that they are beautiful out and inside too. Make them feel love and care for with their bodies and not to feel that they are ugly.

What we decide to tell our teenagers about their bodies we must realize that their peers will judge them too and pressure them. The parents must being there for them to talk to and see their side of the story. In this world, everything is about looks and money. Analyze everything and everyone for what they are not what money can buy. Reference Plastic surgery guide. (2009). Retrieved from http://yourplasticsurgeryguide. com Cosmetic Surgery. (2009). Retrieved from http://cosmetic surgery. com World Guide on Cosmetic Surgery Journal. (2006).

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