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Cosmetology Is a Career That Includes Caring for Clients’ Hair, Skin, and Nails



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    Cosmetology is a career that includes caring for clients’ hair, skin, and nails. Cosmetology has existed since ancient times, when servants were responsible for making their master look their best. Spas and skin care date back to ancient times as well, when bathhouses became a popular place for the wealthy to relax and be pampered. The field of cosmetology has continued to advance since those ancient times to being one of the most profitable in the world today. Within cosmetology are areas of career specialty which include hairstyling , makeup artistry , skin care specialists, manicurists, and pedicurists. Depending on where one lives they will require different levels of education and training, as well as licensing in order to work in the field.

    Hair colorists are who specialize in altering the color or tint of their clients’ hair. Hair coloring is a typical part of any cosmetology or beauty training program . A hair color specialists often performs other jobs , and as such is lumped into the same category as hairdressers , hairstylists , and cosmetologists

    Shampoo tech is shampoo and conditions that will help the clients hair to prepare for their hair stylist . They use it for them to work under a clients hair and wash it by applying it with conditioner and shampoo . By preparing products and shampoos , setting the shampoo spot b washing hair , applying its conditioner , and blow drying it .

    Aesthetician is a professional licensed cosmetologist who does it all like by cleaning and treating the skin. They basically perform a variety of duties , involving facials , waxes, massages and chemical peels. These cosmetology pros are either employed in spas, salons or ike a medical facilities.

    Cosmetology does involve chemistry in some of the materials they use most of the time because they are combinations of chemicals or they just need some kind of chemical to react in order to take place . They include it in your hair , color hair , relaxers and makeup . Your hair is composed of proteins which is made out of long chains of amino acids and they’re connected with chemical bonds . Your whole top head is structured with chemistry so if you ever want to know how to become a hair stylist you will need to know how to each hair products work and how it goes on different hair chemistry because every single one is not the same . There’s chemistry in hair color because it’s color that damages

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