Costco Wholesale and Exxon Mobi

The following are stocks I purchased: The Coca-Cola Company, Exxon Mobil, Sony Corporation, Target Corporation, Ethereum, NVIDIA Corporation, Costco Wholesale, and Coca-Cola is arguably the most well known soda and bottling company in the world. I purchased 10 shares. Exxon Mobil is an american multinational oil and gas corporation. I purchased 12 shares. Sony is most commonly known for its Playstation consoles but also designs and manufactures other electronics. I purchased 20 shares.

The Target Corporation is a department store retailer located in the U.S. I purchased 9 shares. Ethereum is a form of crypto-currency, arguably the 2nd most popular after Bitcoin. I purchased 9 quantities of Ethereum. The NVIDIA corporation is a technology company that mainly designs graphic processing units. I purchased 9 shares. Costco Wholesale operates on a chain based membership-only warehouse clubs. I purchased 5 shares. is the largest online retailer that transports a variety of items to its customers. I purchased 1 share.

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I split my decisions in half with companies I was genuinely interested in such as NVIDIA. Afterwards I attempted to cover the following categories: services, consumer goods, technology, and basic materials. I purchased Ethereum just because I wanted to own some sort of crypto-currency.

I noticed that stock values can change drastically throughout the day. Although my shares may be worthless now I can not anticipate the value of them in the future. Coca-Cola was likely the smartest economical decision I made, however I originally purchased stocks I was interested in.

Knowing what I know now, I would have chosen to purchase more stocks from Coca-Cola. Coke was the highest of the profits out of the shares I purchased. I would also not invest in crypto-currency, however it was fun taking the risk.

Purchasing stocks and bonds is not the only way to save for retirement. There are savings accounts that one may open and store money in. Money in the savings account compiles interest over time and when someone is ready for retirement they can take it out and find that they now have more money than originally stored.

After completing the stock market game I believe the safest way to invest is through mutual funds. It is not the quickest way to make profit but if I invest now I know money will accumulate for me to use in the future. If I somehow manage to become a teacher in an economics classroom I can use the website if it still exist. Perhaps I can show my children so they learn how to invest by themselves. If I am bored I can purchase shares in companies I may actually want to invest in in real world.

The stock market game has drastically impacted my future because I missed out an opportunity to boost my semester exam by fifty points which would have raised my grade point average and moved me up the class rank. If my class rank was higher perhaps I could have gotten more scholarships and even more opportunities. I have learned that the stock market game is an educational tool used in entry level economic courses around the U.S. I have learned that investing in cryptocurrency is not an economically sound decision unless I no longer care about the amount of money I have. Unfortunately the amount of money I make will determine my success rate in the eyes of others. This is what I have learned from the stock market game. lol

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