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In the orientation process I would inform them of our hospital’s fantastic mentoring program. How we promote confidence, learning and professional growth. I would explain that we adapted the culture from Johns-Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, which has been ranked the top 25 hospitals, “Best Hospitals” for twenty-one consecutive years. I would stress on utilizing the hospital’s tuition reimbursement and the quarterly professional development classes.

How we live in the staff so much that we provide free medical care for the employee and family members within our hospital.

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The hospital offer discounted rates for the on-site dry cleaners and discounts for entertainment. Would help them manage stress and prevent burnout by providing discounts to local restaurants ‘business and hosting annual employee appreciation dinners. Would have monthly raffles that would give the winner a day off with pay. The hospital would have surprise pep rallies that would consist of balloons and loons.

By offering these incentives the hospital will give the newly hired nurses the culture and values of the hospital environment.

2. Hospital staff has to endure with fast-paced, long shifts, stressful environment that are constantly pushed to limitations. (Evangelic, Kankakee, & Matheson) By creating a trusting, and open communication that support the staff in a hospital environment will help reduce and manage their stress levels. Having management and departmental leaders display the desired behavior they would eke to have the employees demonstrate on the job and off the job.

The management and departmental leaders set clear expectation of hospital staff. Hospitals could keep an effective mentoring program that employees could rely on for providing confidence, learning, and professional growth. 3. Exhibit 2. 6 Intervention Points to Influence Culture Change. The cycle of the points are; Behavior, Justification of behavior, Cultural Communications, Hiring and colonization of members who fit in with the culture (Culture), and Removal f members who deviate from the culture. Evangelic, Kankakee, & Matheson, Exhibit 2. 6 Intervention Points to Influence Cultural Change) A company that I was previously employed with had poor communication problems with the staff. During a restructuring process the facility manager was fired. A manager from the Greensboro, NC facility relocated to the Memphis, TN facility. He implemented shift meeting that started at the beginning of every shift. The meeting would inform the employees of the production level for the day and any potential need for overtime.

He would have a weekly meeting with his managers and supervisor for them to inform him of any problems. He would advise us of any information that we would have to convey back to the employees. He took away dress down Friday’s for office staff, supervisors and departmental managers. He wanted to give a professional environment to the hourly employees at all times. The multiple communications and the dress code he created in the organization changed the behavior of the employees and the supervising staff. I believe it was successful in creating a desired culture.

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