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Depilatory cream – nair

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Depilatory cream – nair


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Depilatory cream – nair
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The women’s hair removal market has recently witnessed an unprecedented growth. Latest market survey reveals an equal and matching response from men as well. In 2004, the U.S shaving and hair remover market stood at $3.2 billion and is projected to grow at a rapid pace in next few years. US depilatory market is topped by brand name Nair, originally owned by Carter-Wallace and later acquired by Church and Dwight. This research paper is aimed at analyzing the efficacy of the present manufacturer of the Nair, besides highlighting its product line and focusing on the future.


When we talk of depilatory products, we generally refer to a chemical substance required to remove hair. Various chemicals used for the purpose of removing hair temporarily from human body include barium sulfide, sodium sulfide, calcium hydrosulfide, and strontium hydrosulfide. The process of hair removing is very simple yet bizarre. The hair is generally dissolved into a gelatinous mass and is removed along with the paste.

Those materials which physically remove hair are called epilators like wax which solidifies on the skin and is pulled off. Employment of these methods, do not prevent re-growth of hair. (The Columbia Encyclopedia).

Human beings are natural lovers of beauty. They want to look attractive and be around beautiful people. The primary source of human beauty is enclosed in a smooth and hairless skin. Women and an ever increasing number of men are spending millions to make their bodies look good. Perceiving the immense potential for such a market, hair removing products have cluttered our markets (Segal, 1996). These products include a large variety of creams, lotions, foams, waxes, and electrolysis devices. The trend is rising sharply.

The US top brand in this field is the Nair® which is closely pursued by Veet. Nair® is owned by Church ; Dwight, one of the oldest manufacturers in the states. An effort has been made to dwell on the company producing Nair®, its product line and its market efficacy.

History of Depilatory

As per the detailed history given on the website of Beavershaver, women used to remove body hair even during the times 4,000 to 3,000 BC. History traces back Egyptians who adored a smooth and hairless body. Ancient Greek sculptures of women are clean-shaven. The Romans, another civilization of the past also disapproved of pubic hair. The history also confirms that the returning Crusaders (1096-1270) brought the practice of removing public hair back to Europe which they learnt from Muslims. In many European castles built between 1200 and 1600 AD, a special room used to be designated for the ladies to shave. To commensurate with the changing clothing styles of 20th century, shaving of hair on body parts like legs and back started getting more popularity. The advent of bikini necessitated removal of bikini line hair. The story is never ending. Today, men are amongst the leading contenders of smooth skin. Hairy chest is no more considered a sign of masculinity.

About the Company – Church ; Dwight

Church ; Dwight was founded in 1846 by Dr. Austin Church, a physician and his brother-in-law, John Dwight. The company is engaged in providing quality products and technological innovation to a wide range of markets like food, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, water treatment, and environmental applications (Church ; Dwight, 2005).

The company is growing at a consistent pace. In 2001, the company acquired Carter-Wallace’s consumer products business for a total purchase price of $739 million. The acquired businesses, with reported annual sales of approximately $550 million, included such well-known brands as Arrid® antiperspirants, Trojan® condoms, Nair® depilatories, First Response® pregnancy test kits and Lambert Kay® pet care products (Church & Dwight, 2001).

Market Rating

As per the Reuters market research analysis, dated November 14, 2005, “Church & Dwight has a current Overall Rating of B (Positive). Appreciation potential (72) is high; Power Rating (63) is high.” Accordingly, Church & Dwight’s stock price performance over the full time period has been quite good. Its current technical position is mixed. The company’s return on equity has improved very significantly since 1995.


Nair® Depilatory Product Line

Nair® is the top brand in hair removal products (Nair Salon). The products are available in a variety of forms like lotions, creams, waxes, and mousse. Nair lotions are available in various formulas. Its waxes include the Roll-On, Microwaveable, and ready to use wax strips. Its bleaching section has a wonderful hair lightening cream for dark hair. The most popular member of Nair® family houses a product line of hair removing creams as illustrated:

1) Nair® No Touch Glide On Cream for underarms and bikini. The formula contains Baby Oil for moisturizing.
2) Nair® No Touch Upper Lip Cream easily and safely removes unwanted facial hair. Its contoured applicator tip makes application easy and precise!


3) Featuring the sweet smell of real vanilla and a unique “fast-acting” formula, this crème is the first depilatory from the makers of Nair® specifically targeted to remove unwanted hair in the sensitive bikini area.


4) Combines Sweet Almond Oil and Baby Oil in a special formula created specifically for the face. Moisturizes skin while it removes hair.


5) Nair® Smoothing Effects™ Bladeless Shaving Kit is an alternative to shaving. The fan-shaped nozzle allows for hands-free application while the bladeless shaving device removes hair. Designed for legs, underarms and bikini area.


6) Nair® No Touch Mousse! The special ‘fan-tail’ nozzle designed for a controlled spray. Perfect for legs and body. The foaming mousse is able to surround hair for complete removal. It also contains Baby Oil and Aloe.


Nair for Men

Nair is also offering products for men who remove hair from the back, chest, legs, or other parts of the body. Nair for Men™ Hair Removal Cream and Roll-on are quite useful in removing unwanted hair and moisturizes the skin. Its side effects may include irritation or allergic reaction. Therefore, it is necessary to test before each use by applying Nair roll- on or cream on a small part of the area where the hair is to be removed (Nair for Men).


Key Issues Faced by Church ; Dwight

Church ; Dwight is the manufacturer of the top-selling Trojan brand which is lubricated by nonoyxnol-9 (N-9, active ingredient in spermicides).  In 2000, a study of N-9’s effectiveness among sex workers in Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, South Africa and Thailand showed that HIV incidence was actually higher among the women using N-9 than among those using a comparison product. Church & Dwight, still decided to continue using N-9, arguing that N-9 condoms “remain an important family planning option for couples whose primary concern is pregnancy prevention and who prefer the extra measure of pregnancy prevention that spermicidally lubricated condoms provide” (Boonstra, 2005).

Another issue haunting the company is the testing of its products on animals during research and development phases. People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is actively working on this front by funding development and validation of non-animal test methods at national and international levels. Companies like Arm & Hammer (Church & Dwight) are resisting the same because the nature of animal tests allows them to market many products that might be determined to be too toxic if cell culture tests were to be used (Caring Consumer).


Analysis of Nair® Products

Nair® products are extremely reliable, easy to use, and totally hygienic. A critical scrutiny of Nair® products supports the following:

  • All Nair depilatories contain moisturizing ingredients, such as baby oil, almond oil, green tea extract and aloe. These contribute to softer and smoother skin.
  • Nair provides a variety of products to choose from suiting one’s skin type.
  • It provides a solution to men’s problem of shaving large areas of back, chest, and legs.
  • Nair provides microwaveable wax making it convenient to use. Its changing color indicates the desired temperature.
  • None of the Nair products contain any toxic ingredients.
  • The company has interactive and attractive web portals.
  • The company is excelling in the field of research and development, and is coping with the market’s demand.
  • The company enjoys good reputation. It aims at exploiting the expanding markets.


Nair® is the top depilatory brand in its competing market. It is providing a wide array of products fulfilling the demands of women and men. The only thing lacking in the Nair Salon is the provision of laser treatment. There is no doubt that the future of hair removing rests in its permanency and painless management. The solution at present and in near future appears to be the laser. Laser hair removal has become a popular choice for removing unwanted hair. It may be costly, but is considered even better than electrolysis. The laser treatment gives no pains and offers 0 % re-growth guarantee. It is posing a major challenge to Nair® in the future and the company is expected to incorporate the latest innovation in its kitty.


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