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Difference between men and women

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For centuries, the differences between men and women were socially defined through a lens of sexism, in which men assumed to be superior over women. The vision of equality between the sexes has narrowed the possibilities for discovery of what truly exists within a man and women. The world would be less interesting when everything is the same. Today none of us would argue that men and women are physically different, but they differ emotionally, and mentally.

The physical differences are rather obvious and most of these can be seen and easily measured such as Weight, shape, and size.

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Difference between men and women
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There are many physical differences that are not noticeable. Men are 3o percent stronger especially in upper body strength. On the other hand, women have greater body fat percentages because women have children. No matter how strong men are they will never be able to handle child birth. Men build muscle easily, they have thicker oilier skin, they bruise less easily, and have a lower ability of injuries to their extremities.

Men and women have different hormone levels such as testosterone, while women have a higher concentration of estrogens. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is important for sexual and reproductive development. Estrogen is a hormone in women that shapes the characteristic of the body. I can go on and on with many physical differences but lastly men have larger hearts, brains, and lungs. Since their hearts are bigger that means that they are filled with love, care and affection. Their brains are 11-12 percent bigger than women’s so this should mean that they are the smartest creatures ever. Even though they have big hearts and a bigger brain sadly it has nothing to do with intelligence or their emotions. It is for producing more red blood cells because of their muscle mass.

Emotionally men and women have a significant difference. I am not a man so I cannot speak for men when I say that men need trust. A man feels trusted when a woman’s attitude is open, to trust a man is to believe in his abilities and intentions. Women needs caring, when a man shows interest in a woman’s feelings she feels loved and cared for and becomes more open. Men needs acceptance, men are not very comfortable of being changed. If a woman lovingly receives a man without trying to change him he feels accepted. Women need understanding, when a man listens without judgment, but with empathy she feels heard and understood. When a woman’s need to be heard and understood is fulfilled it is easier for her to accept his needs. A man needs appreciation, when a woman acknowledges the little things her man has done for her he feels appreciated. When he feels appreciated he is encouraged to do more. Now I understand that some guys here are not going to agree with me nor the girls, and I respect that because I can only speak for myself.

Mentally men and women differ drastically. Women are better at communicating because of the frontal lobe which is responsible for problem solving. The limbic cortex of the female brain is larger than the male counterparts, this provides women with an advantage in problem solving and emotionally. Remember earlier I said that men have bigger brains? Well, the male brain contains more grey matter whereas a female brain contains more white matter. White matter basically increases thoughts more rapidly than males. Females speak from a more emotional perspective. It is due to chemistry and social learning. There is a stereotypical idea that females within the general public that has made it easier for women to openly cry, sympathize, laugh etc without feeling judged or vulnerable like male counterpart might feel in a similar situation. For instance, a man and a woman go on a movie date and there is a sad movie playing; and the woman starts to cry. The man might want to cry to but instead he hides it due to embarrassment. (I don’t know why)

Everyone understands that there are plenty of differences between men and women but we all have to realize that God created all of us for a reason. Men and women are totally different but it is more exciting to have varieties rather than everything being the same. As it is written in the Bible men cannot live without women. We need to all face the facts that men and women are different but we should all be treated equally. Guys have you ever had this said to you? You do this like a girl or you do that like a girl. It is not only offensive to guys, but it is offensive to girls as well. Now, girls do handle situations differently. I admit we can get a little feisty. For instance someone throws something at Jessie, Jessie would throw the object back and then proceeds in offensive word play. The same situation applies to Sammie he throws the object back and then laughs it off then it becomes a fun game rather than an unnecessary fight. Men and women do things differently but we still need to respect each other because we are all God’s children.

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