Compare and Contrast of Attitudes, Expectations, and Behavior between Men and Women Essay

Compare and Contrast of Attitudes, Expectations, and Behavior between Men and Women

In this existence of full of vagueness and the ever-fleeting prospect of change, there is only one constant which holds to be an unbending truth in all thinkable dimensions, feasible planes of realities, and possibly in every crack and crease across the universe. This is the perplexing difference between a man and woman, specifically in dating and relationships.

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Compare and Contrast of Attitudes, Expectations, and Behavior between Men and Women
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When it comes to the factors involved in keeping the relationship intact, men and women both value the details, only in contrasting principles. When in a relationship, women agonizingly glorify and painstakingly highlight, in extensive note-taking, the smallest yet comprehensive detail in everything in and out of the relationship, especially when it comes to the mistakes— both committed and imminent to be done by the man. Women, if not rarely, never forget. As clinical psychologist Dr. Michael G. Conner explains, “Women have an enhanced ability to recall memories that have strong emotional components.” Women do not let go of anything and everything—the fights, arguments, and maybe even nonsensical discussions.

On the other hand, men have much ease in just effortlessly dismissing things, sometimes everything, especially when it comes to their slip-ups, thus optimizing the use of indispensable tools such as denial and disagreement. According to Dr. Conner’s assessment, “Men tend to recall events using strategies that rely on reconstructing the experience in terms of elements, tasks or activities that took place.” Men can easily attempt to combat women’s intuition and memory recall by playing dumb because sadly, that is sometimes the actual case. A man and woman in a relationship, fuelled by admiration, respect, attraction, and ultimately, love, realize that despite them having “the” connection, when it just boils down to detail specification, the woman assures nothing is overlooked, everything is dissected, and the man has no choice and chance of get away.

When it comes to problem-solving in a relationship, both men and women have the optimum aim of identifying a solution at the end of every challenging situation, but methods differ. A man in a relationship under troubling circumstances with a woman would choose to directly address the root cause of the problem. Again, as Dr. Conner identifies, “Men have a tendency to dominate and to assume authority in a problem solving process.” As opposed to a woman in relationship who opts to alleviate the stress, pain, and anxiety by discussing, in varying scenarios and again in detail, just what went wrong in that certain situation. Dr. Conner evidences this by saying, “Women are usually more concerned about how problems are solved than merely solving the problem itself.
When it comes to planning the future of the relationship, men and women consider in the long-run, but vary in pacing in term of handling things. Men choose to take things rather elementarily—value the today than the tomorrow. Dr. Conner cites that “Men come to understand and consider problems one piece at a time.” By nature, men choose to take things slow, and every concept of final commitment should not be rushed. Conversely, women think ahead and beyond, value the now and the right now, rather than the later. Dr. Conner explains, “Women tend to be intuitive global thinkers. They consider multiple sources of information within a process that can be described as simultaneous, global in perspective and will view elements in the task in terms of their interconnectedness.” By nature, women cannot help but to think of all things to be considered for the relationship to take the next step.

In conclusion, in life’s natural necessity of human beings created as social beings, men and women generally hold the same aspiration sentiment in finding companionship and belongingness as incidents allow and as conditions permit, and they just cannot escape the differences that accompany them. Yet, amidst the similarities and dissimilarities, a man and a woman, when put together and in harmony, are the most natural and beautiful thing, period.

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