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Difficult Times of Civil War in the Film Gods and Generals

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  • Pages 4
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    The film “Gods and Generals” is about the first year of Civil War. Many people wondered why the film is called “Gods and Generals. ” During the film, many times they mentioned the name “God”, or “Lord”; in this paper, I will explain why I think this film is named so by giving examples from this film to support my idea. First of all, General Thomas Jackson, also called “Stonewall Jackson”, is a Confederate general for the South. Before he takes his leave for the Confederate Army, he says to his wife Anna that they must read the Bible together and pray together.

    They read the passage Second Corinthians chapter five, verse one, “For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. ” After they read this passage, General Jackson prays to God saying that if it is God will to grant their earthly properties, and then let it be so; Jackson’s faith and hope is in the eternal dwelling place of God, and not in the earthly home. The film started out with this to point out that General Jackson is a Godly leader in the Army, and his faith is in God alone.

    During the battle, General Jackson will stand firm on the battle-ground no matter how many bullet will pass over his head. He once said, “My religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death, I do not concern myself with that. ” I don’t think many people will put that much faith in God, even for Christ’s follower. His religious belief, which I assume that it is Jesus, has given him peace throughout the entire Civil War. Unfortunately, God did fixed the time for his death on the battlefield by his own people.

    On a beautiful summer morning, right before the battle of Manassas Junction, Stonewall Jackson goes near Bull Run Creek to have a prayer with the Almighty God. He said in his prayer, “If it is Your will that we fight this day, then Your will be done. ” Also, on this very day, it is his wife 30th birthday, General Jackson asks for protection over Anna. Later, he said again, “if it is Your will that we fight today, I am ready, Lord. Thy will be done. It is Your sword I will wield into battle…And if it is my time to be with You, Lord, then I come to You with all the joy in my heart. His prayer is a very powerful prayer; his faith is well known among the soldiers. I am sure that he brings many people to Christ just by faithfully trusting God. Jim Lewis, a cook for the Confederate Army, has families in the North. However, when the Civil War breaks out, he is separated from his families. In addiction, the Yankee mail moves quicker than Secesh mail, so he has not hear from them lately. At this point, General Jackson prays for Jim and Jim’s families. I think General Jackson’s prayer gets Jim thinking about the problem of slavery.

    Jim said in his prayer, “How is it a good Christian man, like some folks I know, can tolerate their black brothers in bondage? How is it, Lord, they don’t just break them chains? ” I am not sure about the status of Jim religious belief, but General Jackson did not miss a chance to pray for anybody. He is always a blessing to the people around him. General Jackson has become very ill after being shot by his own men mistaking that he is the enemy. His wound heals but he dies of pneumonia. When this news reaches to General Lee, he said, “Surely General Jackson must recover.

    God will not take him from us, not now that we need him so very much. ” General Lee refuses to see General Jackson, because General Lee believes that God will not let this happen. From the beginning of the war, General Jackson is a very important person; he is the right hand of General Lee. Unfortunately, the death of General Jackson at this very significant moment is the wills of God. In conclusion, the film “Gods and Generals” is named so because of General Jackson; the film, I believe, is named after his faith in God.

    General Jackson, a Godly military leader, has shown every man in his Army how to trust in the Lord. Through this film, he has shown all Christ’s follower to fear the Lord. I believe that he has influenced others by his faith. This film is all about General Jackson and how God has used him in different way until he breathes his last breath. Although his body is in the earthly grave, but his spirit will be with Jesus forever. I will be glad to see him one day in Heaven with this Godly man, General Stonewall Jackson.

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