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Does the modern world place too much reliance on technology.docx uploaded successfully

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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” Arthur Clarke once exclaimed. Truly, these are the thoughts of many in today’s society. The have adopted the view that technology is the panacea to all of human kind’s problems. While it is true that technology has helped us in a few aspects such as in the medical sector, it certainly does not mean that it will do the same in other aspects. Therefore, I stand with those who believe that people in today’s society is placing excessive reliance on technology to solve the myriad of problems that exist today.

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Does the modern world place too much reliance on technology.docx uploaded successfully
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Those in today’s society seem to place too much faith on technology to solve the food shortage problem that persists since ages ago. Over the years, the human population has been growing indefinitely with the population hitting a new record of 7 billion today. It is projected to reach 9,6 billion people by 2050. The important question to ask is, “How are we going to feed the whole world then?” Most would just answer ‘Genetically Modified crops’.

On the surface, it seems that GM crops has increased the total amount of food that exists today. However, in reality it has just made things worse. Most articles on GM crops would show an increase in yield to show the effectiveness of such crops. Lately, it was discovered that it was not true. Writers of such articles actually meant that crop losses are reduced but the total yield has not increased. Hence, it can be seen that people believe too much on technology to actually question it. One can now see that people in today’s era has placed too much faith on technology to solve the problem of food shortage.

Also, people in today’s society tend to rely too much on smartphones to simplify daily tasks and work. Yet again, it seems like it is able to effectively simplify our tasks but in reality it has done the exact opposite. I do acknowledge that there are smartphone applications such as Cell Scope and Epocrates that simplify our lives. Cell Scope can help diagnose malaria and tuberculosis with just the smartphone itself. However, the presence of other addictive applications seem to defeat the purpose of the smartphones which were created to simplify our lives. Firms saw smartphones as an opportunity to make large profit margins. For instance, producers of Candy Crush, a very popular game were able to benefit so much from smartphones. They have developed over 500 levels in the game and also started selling replicas of the candies in real life. Hence, it can be seen that people are actually wasting more time than ever on such time wasting applications. Therefore, I believe that we are relying too much on technology to ‘simplify our lives’.

Next, we place over excessive faith on technology to bring peace to the world. There has been many attempts by scientists to develop lethal weapons to deter enemies from attacking – from nuclear to chemical weapons. Recently, the US Army Research and a few other companies joined forces to build an ‘ Iron Man Suit’. It is called the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, TALOS, which has remarkable features such as being bulletproof and giving superhuman strength. Certainly, it is able to deter any attacks but what if such technologies were to fall into the wrong hands such as the terrorists? There is no doubt that it will cause a war to break out. With such advanced weapons, it will be a ‘lose-lose’ situation for all as it will bring great destruction. Hence, putting too much faith on such technologies is actually foolish as it can be the very weapons that will cause devastation to Earth.

On the other end, we are not being too reliant on technology as we still possess some degree of ownership of our own lives. Modernised technology has not been able to take over our minds and souls. Human emotions and interpersonal relationships are still highly valued in society today. We are not able to depend on technology for such things. These are the very things that makes us human. Sadly, technology in today’s context is still unable to provide us with love and affection that every human desires. As such, we are not being too reliant on technology to provide us with certain human needs but it may come to a day where technology can provide us with all of our wants to the extent where they will take over our lives.

In spite of that, we do not rely excessively on technology in terms of sports. In the past few decades, sports has been more advanced in certain aspects. People have tried replacing umpires and referees with robots but many problems arose. Such robots were unreliable in judging matches. There will always be a situation where there is an exception. As a robot which is programmed, they will be predictable. Take for example in a soccer game, if a robot was used, it may just give a red card every time a tackle is made. In other words, it is unable to distinguish the different fouls in a game. Hence, this kind of things should still be up to humans to decide. That is why referees are still present in sports such as basketball, badminton and many others to ensure that the game goes on fairly. Therefore, I believe that humans are not relying too much on technology to ensure a fair sports game.

Overall, I feel that people in today’s society are still too reliant on technology, be it on simple creations such as the fun to keep us cool to sophisticated inventions such as nuclear weapons to deter attacks. However, I do acknowledge that there are people who are against technology out there and are trying their best to live without it despite its ubiquitous nature. They support the saying that, “Technology never solves one problem without creating ten more.” Whatever it is, I feel that we should not rely too much on technology as it proved to be unreliable at times.

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