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East or West Home is Best

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East or West, home is best In about 300 words, write an essay expressing your view on the given saying. Use 1 or 2 outside sources to further support your argument. (Focus paraphrases/summaries). Task As people go through life, there are many things that may have been and gone, such as friends and lovers. However, family always stays constant in their mind. No matter what we will be or how we act, we still love home. As the saying goes, East or West, home is best, home is the first and last thing coming into our mind because under any circumstances, it s the safe and sound place for everyone.

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East or West Home is Best
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Home is where your love and emotions begin. According to misleadingly. Com, this saying means You feel safest, most comfortable and most at peace in your own home. As we were born and growing up at home, our first love has been for it. Dan Wilcox et al. Said that a man, despite his physical poverty, is always a rich one if he has family (Identity crisis, 2004).

Home is considered encouraging peoples intimacy, love and trust. For instance, most university students are living far away from home, they are surely suffered from messiness.

In special occasions when they have no school, buses and passenger cars are always full of students who are on the way home. Furthermore, home is made of warmth, tenderness and protection of your parents and siblings. In his novel The Brook Kermit, George Augustus Moore stated that a person went around the world to search for what he needed and then returned home to find it. Whenever we experience loneliness, stress or hurt, we tend to look for a haven. When we get tired or frustrated, the first thing crossing your thoughts is home, where we can feel safe ND take a rest.

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