Effects of Being Called “Useless”

Most people need some people who they can state their Black Marias to and show their feelings. These people normally your parents. grandparents or friends. assist supply emotional wealth. However some members of a household and some friends can non supply this type of wealth. in some instances they may even make the antonym. In Chinese civilization around the clip ‘The Jade Peony’ takes topographic point. females particularly. immature females. were non treated with the regard that males were. To cite Poh-Poh in the Jade Peony. “A girl-child is mo-yung – useless” . As a consequence her household does non handle Jook Liang with the regard that she deserved. Because she is a miss. she is labeled as less utile than the male childs. This means that her sentiments are non every bit valued as the sentiments of some of the brothers of the family. She is considered as the weaker member of the household.

As Jook Leung says. “He told Kiam and Jung that Wong Bak might look ‘very strange’ . Particularly to me as I was so immature. and a miss. and hence might be more easy frightened. ” It seems that she feels that she can non open up to her household and that they do non supply her with the feeling of wealth that she needs. Unlike members of her household. Wong Suk gave Jook Liang emotional wealth. He spent money on her but the most of import thing in their relationship was that he spent clip with her and valued her as a individual. He said to her. “you are my small miss. my household. ” He besides played games with her naming her his ‘bandit-princess’ and taking her out of the house for a film or for ice pick. He even went to lengths to acquire her some thread for her places. when it had cost him an hr of labour. Poh-Poh the grandma thought that it was a waste of money. Wong Suk treated her as a individual worthy of his clip and his fondness.

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